Back to Reality

Back to Reality

I’m back guys! Okay well I’ve been back for a little bit but you know how hard it is to get back into the swing of things? I felt like I needed a vacation from my vacation. Getting back to my normal training routine has been ROUGH to put it mildly. I only got one run in because of the bear scare we had. Now I know they’re nocturnal, but this girl isn’t about to chance it. Knowing my luck, I cross paths with a bear that decides to enjoy the sunshine. Nope. No thanks. It really bummed me out though since the trails around the cabin resort were flippin’ awesome and so peaceful.

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Not to mention there was a daily calorie fest of wine, beer, grilled foodstuffs and s’mores by the campfire.


This was part of my daily ritual….shades and a wine glass while sunbathing by the lake.


Granted we were active playing some extreme badminton, capture the flag, kayaking, canoeing and swimming so I didn’t feel TOO bad indulging err’day. We explored all of these different islands on the lake. We made an oath next year that we would pack a picnic, snag some beer and camp out on the sandy one we discovered. #vacationwin. Can I just go back? Can we just pretend that my marathon isn’t about 80-some days away? EEP.



This vacation was exactly what I needed though to get away from work and to clear my head of a lot of things and disconnect. Even getting a little WiFi was hard to come by and while it was tough, it was SO nice. Nothing but this view to look at for a whole week.


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However NOW the hubs and I are back into our routine and I’m trying my flippin’ hardest to deal with this head cold and continue with my marathon training…with this impossible humidity. Just shoot me. My pace and endurance is just sickening. All I can do though is push hard, eat right and get those miles in each week…hopefully things let up soon because hot damn…this boob sweat is out of control.


This weekend my long run ramps up to 12 miles and I’m shaking in my Brooks. Hopefully the weather cooperates a little more on Sunday. Apollo has just been trolling me all day about it…”blondie, get your feet into these shoes…and get me snacks.”


Thank the lord tomorrow is my rest day and the hubs and I will be seeing Van Halen at one of my fav venues. Yes, I said it…Van Halen. I’m so excited I can’t even….

While this first week back was rough, I’m proud of myself for not passing up a run and making excuses, especially with this wicked runny nose (ew). My fundraising is also in full swing again and I’ve hit 60% of my overall goal for the American Cancer Society! I can’t wait to reach 100%!!!


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