Friday Favorites: Vacation It’s Practically HERE.

Friday Favorites: Vacation It’s Practically HERE.

This whole week of training was quite inconsistent. Due to vacation prep with work and figuring out what the hell I’m going to bring on vacay, my miles and gym time have been all over the place. HOWEVER it still happened minus one day. Sshhhh. I’m going to try my best so this vacation won’t completely kill my training, although it’ll be hard since I won’t be able to get my long runs in. I’ll have to stick with bodyweight moves and weights for the most part. ANYWHO here are some of my Friday favorites!!!


1. The Lakehouse

I’m bummed I totally didn’t do a July 4th recap, BUT I’m totally including it in my Friday favs since I got some more quality cousin time in with the gorgeous weather bringing everyone together. We engaged in some pretty serious tubing faceoffs behind the boat, drank a lot of beer (oopsies) and set off fireworks off of the pier. It was amazing and I can’t wait to have more of these summer days!

11667409_10101246317571877_2931860242917968128_nFullSizeRender (2)


I mean come on, just look at that sunset….this is what summer is all about….


2. Best Workout Capris EVER

This line of activewear is called Fight Through and I fricken love their stuff. I definitely sported these at the gym on the 4th….because well…#America.


The material is so comfy and breathes so well during those really hard workouts. I might have to pick another pair or two…or three….

3. Favorite Read.

This book has been on my to-read list for SO LONG and I’m just now cracking it open (and yes it’s an actual book and isn’t being read on my iPad.) I’m only a few chapters in and I’m hooked. If you haven’t heard of this book, I HIGHLY suggest it. Although warning: you will never view the food industry or the Pillsbury doughboy the same way ever again.


4. Favorite Training Run

I had the opportunity to meet up with this AMAZING pace leader in my running group on Sunday and she’s a true inspiration. As we were going through our 10 mile run we got to know one another and how we got into running. She’s lost over 100lbs since she started running and has completed several marathons and Ironmans. This girl is amazing. She pushed me so flippin’ hard that day (hello still in holiday weekend recovery mode) and while it hurt like hell, she was the greatest motivation. Her positive energy is just infectious and I love it.

This was my aftermath pic…because you know…I was dying in that humidity….


5. Favorite Sales!

Who hell doesn’t love a good sale? It’s even better when you have gift cards. Old Navy has totally been my jam lately with cute dresses. I snagged these up especially since they have tall sizes (I’m so leggy and all short dresses make me look like a whoresicle) #tallpeopleproblems.


My Blackhawks 2015 retro tank also finally delivered and ummmm #winning. So while you’re reading this I’ll probably be making a Costco-sized list of shit I need to bring since I always overpack and can’t leave anything behind and stress over all of the work I need to do over the course of the day….meanwhile Luigi has more chill factor than anyone right now.

FullSizeRender (3)


7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Vacation It’s Practically HERE.

  1. when you find active wear that’s legit, you want nothing else. i love UA but damn, that shit is so expensive!!!! Adidas also has good stuff (love their tanks) and i can sometimes find them at winners for half the price, holla!

    1. UGH the struggle…I hear ya…I love UA too but hell if I’m going to pay full price for their stuff. $45 for a pair of shorts my ass will just sweat in? NOPE.

    1. I can look at that sunset all day long :). And right?? Badass workout clothes totally motivates me to workout more. No shame. Bahaha.

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