Race Recap & Taper Time!

Race Recap & Taper Time!

So for the past two Sundays, I’ve finished a very hilly half marathon with a couple of my fav ladies I’ve been training with for the marathon and finished the big 20 miler run yesterday. Marathon training is officially coming to an end after a few short weeks! Guys, shit is getting real. So let’s recap shall we?!

The half marathon was great, although damn those hills…don’t let those smiles fool you, our quads were oh so sore…


I landed a new PR for a half and finished strong! After running these crazy long distances on a regular basis, this race seemed to be a lot less daunting! It helps when you’re chatting it up as well.  We also cursed each hill like it was our job. This medal was totally worth it though, and for once it didn’t feel like the fricken African Savanna outside.



Although yesterday….YESTERDAY was the big ol’ 20 miler that the Chicago Area Runners Association hosts to gather up all of the summer marathon training groups into one so we can run our last final long run until the marathon! Guys, my crotch hurts, my quads hurt, my shins hurt…everything hurts. Luckily this soreness has subsided for now. I only had one bathroom break mid-run (a miracle) and I maintained my marathon goal pace. WIN. SO MUCH WIN.


The early wake-up call is always a bitch, but it helps when you’re meeting up with the rest of your training group to ease those pre-race jitters! Knowing you have a whole 20 miles ahead of you to run…is pretty daunting. These people helped make this happen in the most successful way.


I will miss them like cray and I hope to run again with them soon! Unfortunately this was my last time running with them since I have another half marathon next weekend and a volunteering opportunity the following Sunday when we usually meet up and run the trails together. I really don’t know how I could have prepped for my first marathon without these amazing people! Love them all!

When I first saw that finish line, I’ve never been happier to see one in all of my life. 20 miles. Done. Success. Since the group split up during the course, we all regrouped and high-fived like woah. I still can’t believe that I ran 20 miles today…well actually whenever that happens I’m quickly reminded whenever I stand up again to walk. HELLO compression socks for today.

11838767_10101322175696587_2618153089511104586_o (1)

Now that the big 20 is out of the way, we’re now entering taper town! I must say, it’s going to be quite crazy not running so much anymore up until the marathon.  Marathon day is coming up so fast…this is happening….




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