Confessions of Having Runner Friends

Confessions of Having Runner Friends

As a runner myself, my non-runner family and friends probably on more than one occasion thought that I was a few trees short of a forest (especially when I registered for my first marathon last October). Although we might be a little cray, runners are pretty bad ass. If you have a friend who has started running and he or she is showing the signs of making it a regular habit…let these confessions be your warning of how your relationship with them will change.


::1:: If you expect to hang with said runner friend on the weekend, expect to be met with some hesitation. Are they in training? Sunday mornings are typically race days. But of course you would already know about said race months in advance because well training for long distance races tend to consume our lives.

::2:: Leaving a party early? Yep, probably because of a race the following morning that starts just a couple hours after the bars close. One perk, you can count on them to be the sober one since they’re drinking their weight in water and come on, like they’d risk their chances of a PR.

::3:: Want to go on a shopping binge? YES. We’ll tell you all about the latest and greatest running shoes that have just hit the shelves which also means the previous models are on super sale #stockpilealltheshoes.

::4:: If you ask how we are we’ll respond with a running-related answer. “I was out on a 12 mile run yesterday morning and had some IT issues, oh and I also signed up for a couple more races. I definitely need to carb load tonight too for the half marathon I have tomorrow. I hope you like pasta!”

::5:: Oh you’re on a diet? Let me just eat ALL THE CARBS in front of you.

::6:: If you’re planning on getting fit, don’t mind us, we’re always looking for a running buddy and we’ll be more than happy to encourage running as a way to do so. Running = releasing all the happy endorphins! However speaking of which, try not to talk to us on a rest day…that means we didn’t run that day and we’re irritable as shit because of it.

::7:: Signing onto Facebook, Instagram, Twitter? Expect your newsfeeds to be flooded with pre-race and post-race selfies! But really, we’re just trying to share the happy. #blingalingling

::8:: If anything you can count on us to be there for you. I mean come on, if our training calls for a 13 mile run in weather that’s hotter than the fiery pits of hell, we’ll still do it because well our training plan says so. We’re dependable like that.

::9:: Is your runner friend also your roomie? I hope you understand that there will be designated wall space for race medal bling. Also, you’ll never have to worry about running out of things such as peanut butter, bread, pasta, and other runner diet essentials. We have that shit stockpiled.

::10:: Not sure why you haven’t heard from us? It’s okay we’re alive and well, just wait a few hours or calculate how far we are into training. If a few hours pass then feel free to search our usual routes. If we’re found on a trail somewhere and unresponsive, please pause our Garmin first? K, thanks.

See? It’s not all bad. Runners are very driven people, however I confess that we do tend to get a little obsessive about it. Don’t find it too unusual if we’re nursing an injury and still budgeting for race registrations at the same time. #storyofarunner. Because really all we want to do is…



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  1. My parents were both marathon runners and I used to marvel at their training regimens. Hearing my dad say he ran 15 miles on a Sunday sounded like running to the moon to my tiny ears! I have great memories of going downtown with my Uncle to the check points at the Detroit marathon to cheer them on and hand them water! Runners are the shit!

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