I Confess…I’m Inspired

I Confess…I’m Inspired

It’s hump day already guys and we’re in for another link-up and confession session with these lovely ladies.



I confess I’m insanely inspired by the morning gym crew. Whenever I try to make excuses not to go, I think of this woman who KILLS it every single gym sesh. Yesterday morning, I decided to go up to her and tell her how awesome she was for coming in every single morning and kicking some major ass and how inspired I was by her. At first she looked at me as if I was 50 shades of cray. She said that she didn’t see how someone like her could inspire someone like me…I asked her what she meant by that and she just replied with, “because I’m almost three times your size.”

I confess….that broke my heart.

I told her that people like her are the most inspirational because I know that taking the first step into living more of a healthy lifestyle is the hardest.


After our little exchange, I felt like she had an extra spring in her step. There’s nothing like spreading some kind words around and even if it’s just doing or saying something small. It’s like receiving exceptional customer service. Having a complete stranger go above and beyond for you. It doesn’t always come around so often, but when it does, I know that it adds some extra sunshine to my day, so why not do the same for other people?

confettiI confess I need to spread the happy some more. Everyone has this happiness confetti in their pocket and I’m making it a goal of mine to compliment or do something for someone each day. Whether it’s to take someone’s cart back for them at the grocery store or to say, “hey, you there, you look BEAUTIFUL today. I LOVE your outfit. Did you get your hair done? It looks Fabulous.”


I confess that I also think we need to be a little nicer to ourselves. We can be our own worst enemy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve insulted my body…so…I feel like I need to apologize for calling it so many names. I mean really if it could just learn how to burn more calories while I slept we wouldn’t have so many mean conversations…just saying. Instead, this has to happen on the daily. Because well…#beastmode.

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How are you going to spread the happy today? What is one thing that is awesome about you?! Let me hear it!






10 thoughts on “I Confess…I’m Inspired

  1. I’m so glad you said something to her and brightened her day! I once told a Starbucks barista that I liked her hair (which I really, really did) and she beamed and said she’d just gotten it done and was still adjusting to it. I love seeing people truly take a compliment and benefit from it!

  2. You are awesome! I am sure that you made her day and yours too I bet! It is so true that sometimes just a word or two can turn someone’s whole day around positively. Thanks for reminding us!

  3. I love that you went up to her to tell her you were inspired! You probably made her day. We should all share our happy thoughts and compliments out loud more, they can only do good!

  4. I think it’s great to remember that little comments and compliments can really help improve someone’s day. I love hearing good things, so I need to remember to spread nice messages more often. I actually have a planner with the “spread happiness like confetti” quote!

  5. that’s so nice you said that to her! i’m sure you brightened her day. no matter someone’s size, that would make anyone feel good about themselves, who doesn’t want to be motivating or inspiring?!
    you really do need to be nicer to yourself! i used to be so mean to myself. as lame as this sounds, it took a legit effort to stop and now i’m happier than ever. i don’t think i look like a bikini model or anything, but i’m happy and mature enough to know it’s not about that. my body can do amazing things, as can yours, and there is NOTHING wrong with loving yourself.

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