Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

If you’re one of the lucky ones to enjoy today off, I envy you! But on with this weekend’s recap because while it was a tough one, I had some pretty awesome quality time with the bestie and fam.

Friday night was spent at home with the hubs and me trying to get him to drink one of my green smoothies…nope he wasn’t having it. I get an “A” for effort right? He probably thought I was trying to poison him. But really he’s been poisoning HIMSELF with all of that Pepsi crap! Yes, that will be my argument next time I stick a glass of green stuff in front of him. I’ll probably get the same look again. You know, like I’m cray.


You know how I bitched and moaned about my hammie tendon being all strained and whatnot? Yeah well it’s still strained…BUT it’s getting a lot better. HALLELUJAH. On Saturday morning I was dying to get into the gym. I focused on stretching, my upper body and core. You know you run a lot when the second you walk into your gym that’s only a mile away from your house, people are asking where you’ve been and why haven’t you been out running around as usual. #injuredasshit although it’s tough not running, it’s pretty much forcing me to focus on areas that I’ve ignored for some time. I swear nothing feels good to expend all of that built up energy and stress! BOOM. Killed that workout! Now ask me if I could use my arms AT ALL….after taking this post-gym selfie of course.


Although I had a great workout at the gym, I was thrown into a panic when I found out that I forgot my earbuds…that meant working out to the crap the gym usually plays and apparently being subjected to being approached by dudes who assumed it was a match.com meet-up hour. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all up for a friendly chat while lifting some weights, but once you start dropping some lines with the clear intention of wanting to do something else…BYE, FELICIA. Let me finish my workout please. K, thanks.

I’ve been motivated more than ever to focus on what I’m putting into my body and exercising each day. I mean, you only get one…so don’t treat it like a trash can. As I’m facing and coping with a lot of rough family health news, I want to make sure that I’m doing everything I can to stay healthy myself. And that goes for physical AND mental happiness. Connecting with the most important people with your life while hitting those fitness goals = one happy lady!


Running has always helped with finding my happy place in a world full of chaos so it’s been tough knowing that I can’t just go and lace up my running shoes for a 10 mile run just because I feel like it. It’s even harder when I got these suckers delivered to me and I can’t run in them just yet! Look how pretty!


Since I have quite a few miles until my other kicks are out of my rotation anyway, these will be my official marathon training shoes. It’s definitely nerve-wracking knowing that I have quite a few half marathons and one marathon already set in my calendar since it’s so easy to re-injure myself one hitting the pavement once again. It just means I have to work that much harder to make sure that doesn’t happen. I’ll be beast moding it all the live long day and every day going forward.

I couldn’t wait until Saturday afternoon since that meant I could get my hair done. FINALLY. Any girl knows that a hair appointment can really make you feel like a whole new person. What is it about cutting off those dead ends? I got those low-lights out and let me natural blonde shine a little more. Hellloooo sunny side up blondie!


That night was followed by the most delicious salmon dinner in the world with the bestie and seeing The Forest with my sis. This movie definitely lived up to my expectations. It was freaky and made me jump at every little unexplained noise in the house once I got home. Damn those jump scares…

Sunday I got some quality time in with my parents and my sister. We went out for some breakfast and then shopping. I scored the best tank EVER in addition to some essentials. If I ever have a treat, these mint chocolate Quest bars are my JAM.


It was negative degrees outside in Chicagoland on Sunday so it also called for comfy sweaters and my favorite Refresh Mint tea from Starbucks to defrost after going from store to store. Also, just look at that selfie rocking my best Blue Steel. Okay I’m done.

IMG_6591 (1)

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Linking up with Biana today!





7 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. I so need that Addicted to Running shirt!

    I try to keep extra ear buds in my car just because I cant function if I dont have my own music.

    Why are guys so afraid of green smoothies – I dont get it. Preach about the poisoning with the soft drinks. Eww!

  2. Your hair looks so good!!!!! I haven’t tried those mint chocolate chip bars yet. I cant while on whole 30 but thinking about going back to Quest after. I loved cookie dough and cookies and cream! I have been doing coconut cream pie Lara bars a few days a week now. Guys will find anytime to try to pick up a girl haha. At least it should make you feel appreciated? 😉

  3. How gorgeous are you!!! Look at that blonde goodness, great hair!! Love that tank and those quest bars are on my list, love me some mint….and a good smoothie! Yummo!!

  4. It sounds like you had a great weekend with lots of good company! That sucks that you’re injured, but getting the chance to workout other parts of your body is always a good thing too. My husband just discovered Quest Bars, so I’ll have to tell him to try the Mint Chocolate Chip ones!

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