Gym & Tonic is Back!!!!

Gym & Tonic is Back!!!!

Holy crap has it really been four months since my last post? Well it has. My bad. A lot has happened between now and then including my web hosting not renewing properly so Gym & Tonic was offline for a little while, but some pretty amazing people were able to recover it. It was like I never left! There were many tears, heart palpitations etc. thinking that all of my hard work and logged memories were gone but NOPE. Everything is all good and we’re back in business! Now time to play catch-up. What have I been up to for the past four months? Well, a lot of self-reflection happened, mourning the loss of family members, drowning my sorrows in wine and hummus, shamelessly watching the trashiest TV, putting up with endless family drama…. but also doing everything I can to kick ass at my relatively still new job and of course health and fitness status. You know I had to fit that in there since this blog IS called GYM and tonic. See? Not all bad…but enough to really slack off with blogging. That’s going to end…along with my filter. Confession Wednesdays I’m looking straight at you!

Since the Olympics have started and this is supposed to be a fitness/lifestyle blog…okay fine I’ll pretend like I watch them religiously and not just for the male swimsuits and cool gymnastics routines and have flashbacks of gym class in elementary school and how scared to hell I was of the balance beam.

I’m sure everyone has seen this happen to the French gymnast, yes?

No? Well you’re welcome for that horrific scene. Can you imagine? My own leg hurts after watching that.

Aside from the actual programming, I feel like the ads have really been motivating and really tugs at those heartstrings. Check some of my favs out…

I’m always in awe of what these athletes can do. The training and dedication they have toward their sport always motivates me to get my ass up and running in the morning. I mean because…what’s my excuse? What gets you up and moving in the Β morning? My motto is always go the extra mile…it’s never crowded and you’ll be one step closer to becoming Beyonce status.




7 thoughts on “Gym & Tonic is Back!!!!

    1. Thanks! Oh man I’ve missed your blog! I totally went off the grid when it came to blogging. Life just grabbed me by the neck and ran!

  1. Welcome back! I didn’t really watch any Olympics this weekend. I do love watching gymnastics, just didn’t think about it. I did see that clip of the French gymnast though. Yikes! I cant watch it again! haha!

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