10 Things Never to Say to a New Mom

10 Things Never to Say to a New Mom

As a new mom, I’ve dealt with ALL of the emotions that go along with that new role. Also, as a new mom, there comes a lot of advice and questions that come about whether it be from friends, family or complete strangers when you’re out in public with your little one. It’s amazed me how people just don’t really think about what they’re saying before they say it.  So let’s get this list going shall we?

1. “Are you dreading going back to work?”

No, I’m really looking forward to leaving an extension of myself after only 6 short weeks at home…YES OF COURSE I AM DREADING IT. Whenever I get this question it just gives me anxiety overload. What kind of mom wouldn’t on some level miss her little peanut? I’ve always been very career-oriented and focused on advancing in my career, but while I take on my role as a new mom, this mommy is missing her SO much during the day. This one especially irks me…

2. When are you due?

Okay so No. 1, this question is NEVER safe to ask a woman. EVER. For all of you who aren’t aware, a new mom can still look pregnant after giving birth. We’re super self-conscious about our new mom bods and the last thing we want to hear is a comment that we still look huge despite already pushing a tiny human out of our bodies. Not all of us are Beyonce and can flawlessly rock a bikini a hot second after giving birth.

3. Touching the baby without asking

Okay so this is more of doing rather than saying, but if you’re looking for a quick way to get shanked…go ahead and try to touch my baby’s little toes without asking. You won’t be getting that appendage back. Too extreme? Sorry not sorry. Especially if some rando at the grocery store does it. Boundaries people, boundaries.

4. Judging about breastfeeding versus formula feeding

Keep these opinions to yourself. Especially in my case, it wasn’t my choice to supplement with formula, it was overall what was best for my peanut. That’s what matters. Keep your “boob is best” talk to yourself. It’s rude. You know what’s NOT best? Your baby’s health declining because they’re not getting nourished properly. I know plenty of moms who are heartbroken over just not being able to or not producing enough for a demanding little newborn (hello, they eat a lot). I’m happy she’s still breastfeeding along with getting formula, but it certainly is stressful.

5. Giving unsolicited advice

Let me tell you, I’ve loved all of the great advice I’ve gotten from family and friends especially since being a first time mom is A LITTLE stressful, but please leave out the “oh you have to this” and “oh and you have to do that by this time” comments. It’s overwhelming, all babies are different, and well shut your mouth. Sorry not sorry. 😀

6. Commenting on a baby’s size

Personally, this one is especially hard since my little one has been slower gaining weight and spits up a lot. It’s stressful. Super stressful. So when someone decides to comment on how small she is for her age….just…no.

Being a parent is just overwhelming and really a lot of new parents just need a pat on the back making us feel like we’re doing okay.

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