Everything Hurts & I’m Dying…Not Really

Everything Hurts & I’m Dying…Not Really

Hey guys! Well, since I’ve fully recovered from my injury, I’ve finished a couple of half marathons (they were brutal). I was totally unprepared in regards to how much this injury would throw off my longer distance running game. NO IDEA. I feel like my usual fuel routine just wasn’t working anymore and my head was totally out of the game and going rogue by mile 10. That being said, my long distance training runs were very few and far between. Since I have a few weeks until my next race, I’ve decided to REALLY focus on my pace and not slacking on my long distance training. I had so many thoughts during these two half marathons that just made me want to peace out.

1. The heat. Eff that glaring sun that makes you feel like a sizzling piece of bacon. You then feel like bacon…you start thinking about bacon…BOOM mindset is elsewhere and you want to quit and go eat bacon.

2. Holy hills. So have I been really fantastic when it comes to incorporating steep, rolling hills into my training lately? NOPE. So when those came around every other mile I wanted to cry a little bit, swear a lot a bit, throw my running shoes into the lake.

3. The humidity. I’m a Chicagoan…which means we’re a bunch of fairies when it comes to humidity in comparison to any southern folk. I HATE IT. It happened to be 1,000% humidity out during my second half and I felt like someone was crushing my lungs with each stride. (insert another dramatic comment here).

4. Why did I do this to myself? My side hurts, my stomach is cramping up, please God let this end…at least Beyonce is helping me pull through….

5. This is the longest mile of my life.

6. The bling better be effing amazing.

7. Curse that sign that says “you’re almost done” and you’ve still got a 5k left…I’M NOT ALMOST DONE. Quit playing games with my heart….(bonus points if you get that reference).

8. You see the top athletes fly by you and finish and you’re wondering if their amazing, unicorn athlete sweat will spread onto you and make you into said unicorn, super fast athlete…

But then YOU finish…and then you get that runner’s high and you have so many thoughts such as:


– *Takes several selfies with said bling…

– Where are the bagels? The pretzels? Give me salt. Give me something. I’m empty.

– I might vomit. Please don’t throw up. I need to sit. No, I need to stand.

– If I can just avoid having to go to the bathroom until AFTER I get home that will be splendid. I don’t know if I’ll make it….I better make it…

– *takes more post-race selfies

– When is my next race?! I can’t wait!!


I’m convinced that most runners are masochistic addicts because of these very things. I’m totally owning up to it. It’s fine. The soreness I feel after a long run? I love it. It’s painful, I end up doing a bear crawl up the stairs…and I secretly love it. I love pushing my body to new limits. Oh, and the bling. Holllllaaa. And to prove it, here are the selfies…



Oh and that ferris wheel? Yeah it definitely spun. This Chicago half was the first leg of a half marathon series (the second half is coming up in September). This was my first half marathon back after my injury. I hated my time, but thinking how I finished without ANY pain in my tendon was a victory for me…seeing that finish line was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I think I even fist-pumped in the air.




This half was a couple of weeks later and it rained….A LOT and once again my time sucked…but not as bad. PROGRESS. Once I recovered from my injury I was such a pansy getting back into my normal pace in fear of injuring myself again. Knock on wood…I’m getting those miles in at my normal pace again and I am one happy runner!

And I now close this Monday morning post with Apollo…with his face planted in one of my shoes…the ones I just ran 10 miles in….I can’t even…


FullSizeRender (3)




Gym & Tonic is Back!!!!

Gym & Tonic is Back!!!!

Holy crap has it really been four months since my last post? Well it has. My bad. A lot has happened between now and then including my web hosting not renewing properly so Gym & Tonic was offline for a little while, but some pretty amazing people were able to recover it. It was like I never left! There were many tears, heart palpitations etc. thinking that all of my hard work and logged memories were gone but NOPE. Everything is all good and we’re back in business! Now time to play catch-up. What have I been up to for the past four months? Well, a lot of self-reflection happened, mourning the loss of family members, drowning my sorrows in wine and hummus, shamelessly watching the trashiest TV, putting up with endless family drama…. but also doing everything I can to kick ass at my relatively still new job and of course health and fitness status. You know I had to fit that in there since this blog IS called GYM and tonic. See? Not all bad…but enough to really slack off with blogging. That’s going to end…along with my filter. Confession Wednesdays I’m looking straight at you!

Since the Olympics have started and this is supposed to be a fitness/lifestyle blog…okay fine I’ll pretend like I watch them religiously and not just for the male swimsuits and cool gymnastics routines and have flashbacks of gym class in elementary school and how scared to hell I was of the balance beam.

I’m sure everyone has seen this happen to the French gymnast, yes?

No? Well you’re welcome for that horrific scene. Can you imagine? My own leg hurts after watching that.

Aside from the actual programming, I feel like the ads have really been motivating and really tugs at those heartstrings. Check some of my favs out…

I’m always in awe of what these athletes can do. The training and dedication they have toward their sport always motivates me to get my ass up and running in the morning. I mean because…what’s my excuse? What gets you up and moving in the  morning? My motto is always go the extra mile…it’s never crowded and you’ll be one step closer to becoming Beyonce status.





Get Healthy, Stay Healthy!

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy!

You know on some days you would think spring is here in Chicagoland, but then you get a week like this one and you’re back running in cold gear! Last week I ran my very first race since I injured my hamstring tendon. To say that this was a HUGE milestone would be an understatement. Up until race day I was hobbling home in pain after just 3 miles. This race was 6.5 miles and while I of course had to compromise my pace a little, I ROCKED it. I was so happy. The only thing that was a little sad was the size of the medal. Bahaha. Hey, runners love their bling.

I was so happy to share the moment with my fave running buddy.


The day after was an even better reason to celebrate since I didn’t have any post-race pain, just the nice sore feeling of burning so many cals. That being said, half marathon training needs to be kicked into high gear now that it’s April and my first half of the running season is May 22nd. Eep! Balancing training and the new job is definitely proving to be a challenge, but while my workouts have been a little inconsistent, my diet and hydration needs to be on point. Also, the best part about my new gig is that instead of taking the elevator, I take the stairs. Did you know just 10 minutes of walking up stairs can burn around 100 calories for someone who weighs about 160lbs? 10 MINUTES. Even better, my building has its own gym on the first floor.

It’s so easy to get sidetracked when you have such a huge life change like getting a new job, but I’m slowly getting back on track. Some ways I’m making sure my training won’t suffer AND so I won’t injure myself again:

  • Keeping my huge water bottle at my desk and keeping it by my side as I go from meeting to meeting. Staying hydrated while race training is a must!
  • Don’t over train. Just because a day was missed, don’t double up the next day and tear up those muscles beyond repair. Train smarter, not harder.
  • Like I said, take the stairs when you can. If you’re only going up two or three floors…TAKE THE STAIRS. It’s a mini workout that really pays off if you think about going up and down those stairs at least twice a day.
  • Cut small corners when you know you have a really busy day. I.e. take the stairs, skip the dessert for some fruit and get up and walk around during your break. Don’t obsess over every calorie (that’s silly) but these little changes will amount to a big one!
  • STRETCH. After going through so much physical therapy for my hamstring tendon, I’ll definitely never skip another pre-workout or post-workout stretch. Not stretching will definitely bust up my training plan if I don’t stretch properly when I do cardio. Again, train smart!


Nutrition really is key and I always have an emergency/quick snack on me so I don’t have to go for something that will throw me off track. Some dry roasted almonds or Greek yogurt are my go-tos. I’m constantly out and about so the ability to just throw a healthy snack in my bag and go is a must. I’m teaming up with Chobani in their mission to promote healthy living! In celebration of Chobani’s Simply 100 Crunch line, they’re encouraging everyone to “crunch the numbers” by dedicating themselves to living a healthier life. Here are some great ways to burn 100 calories even during the work day! (Graphic courtesy of Chobani).

chobani_100cal_12version (1)

How am I going to stay healthy so I don’t land myself back into physical therapy? I’ll have to keep reminding myself that I just won’t be able to PR for quite some time or else I’ll be back at square one again with my injury. Just try and tell a runner to slow down her normal pace…it’s not easy, but it must be done! The exciting thing is that there are running trails around my new office building and my coworkers are ALSO fellow runners. Although I’m still too busy to leave the office to go for a run in the middle of the day, it’s still an option! I just can’t wait until the warm weather is here to stay so I can…..


How are you committing to staying fit and healthy? Join the challenge!



Friday Favorites: A New Beginning

Friday Favorites: A New Beginning

Hey guys! I know, it’s been a few weeks or so. BUT my life has pretty much been turned upside down (but mostly in a good way). I’ve accepted a new job that I’m pretty much jumping up and down excited for. My last day at the job I’ve had for almost six years is today and while I’m glad to be moving on to a new chapter.


As my career gets a huge boost, it also means venturing into some new territory and challenges. And this girl is up for it! Ever since I broke the news to my director, I’ve been hitting the gym to clear my head and to help boost my confidence as I become the new kid on the block. To say that I’m pumped would be an understatement. I’m slowly getting back into my running game too. I’ve been cleared by my physical therapist to run as long as my pain level isn’t too high and if I do a number of my PT stretches before and after.


The weather here in Chicagoland always makes me want to do cartwheels down my driveway. The sun!! Heat!! It exists!! I’ve been taking it slow so I don’t aggravate my injury and to focus on my recovery. I don’t expect to smash any PRs anytime soon, but just to be able to get out there and run is a blessing in itself.


Also, another Friday Favorite….NEW ACTIVEWEAR. We’ve gone over this, I’m an addict. I’d live in this stuff all day if I could. Oh wait, I pretty much already do. So let’s go over my recent haul….


Sports Authority is closing a bunch of stores AND I had to return something….so that equals a whole lot of happiness. Those Under Armour knit joggers….ladies….RUN don’t walk….to your local sporting goods store for a pair. Not kidding. They’re worth every single penny. They are so comfortable and great to do yoga, pilates or to just lounge in while overdosing on thin mints and Netflix. (Yeah go ahead and tell me that you ignored that 5-year-old in front of your grocery store selling Girl Scout cookies.) The Nike pro 2-in-1 sports bra tank is amazing too. It seems pricey but think of it this way, it’s a tank plus a sports bra. It’s super lightweight for those really hot, summer training days. You can find links to everything here:

Under Armour Women’s Downtown Knit Jogger Pants
Under Armour Women’s Play Up Shorts
Under Armour Twist Tech Graphic Tank Top
Nike Pro Cool Shorts
Nike 2-in-1 Pro Inside Loose Tank Top

I’ve also been participating in this challenge to bring awareness to suicide of veterans. You may have seen my posts on my social media pages. I challenge all of YOU to also participate! Here’s how it works:

A new video will be posted each day for the next 22 days, each with someone new being challenged.
-video yourself executing 22 pushups to your ability level.
-Post the video to facebook and other social media using the hashtags above.
-Tally your pushups (i.e. a group of 4 people in the video would look like this#88PushUps for #22Kill.
-Call out your friends, family, battle Buddies… The POTUS, anyone… the sky is the limit. The goal is to raise awareness for our Service Members who are battling this demon.

The organizations at the links below are raising the bar in creating a culture that OUR Veterans know their sacrifice was not in vain.

To participate visit
Share this noble cause
This organization promotes Veteran Entrepreneurship.
Help spread the word.

I’m currently on day 3, but my first video is definitely a Friday favorite since Luigi attempted to mess up my game….

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! TGIF!!!

Linking up with Amanda!




Fat to Fit: More Gym & Less Tonic

Fat to Fit: More Gym & Less Tonic

So I was reading Kathy’s awesome sauce blog of course at More Coffee, Less Talky, and was inspired to finally do a little update post….you know since this is more of a fitness/lifestyle blog even though a snap of my wine addiction or indulging in too many carbs may sneak in here and there.

I was going through my photos and BOOM exactly from almost one year ago today…I saw a photo that I just could NOT unsee. Now I started a healthier lifestyle back in college as some of you have known and got more into fitness bla bla bla. HOWEVER what I failed to notice after getting married….was that I let some of that weight creep back on. Okay not some, like A LOT. Seeing that was my “oh fuck no” moment. My “no more excuses” moment. My “bitch stop saying this is your cheat day when EVERYDAY has been a cheat day,” moment.


See that there? That in my hand is some G&T…since then…I incorporated A LOT more GYM and a lot less tonic. See what I did there? Eh??

This is another gem that I found last year a couple of months earlier. HELLO holiday weight gain. You found me….and my gut.


Now this might seem like a whole lot of bodyshaming, BUT when you’ve worked so hard only to go back to a very unhealthy version of yourself, some harsh reality needs to settle in. It’s a great reminder that it’s so easy to fall back into bad habits and correcting them is the key!

SO since then I jumped back on the wagon and stomped on the last Christmas cookie before my mouth could find it. Fitness is about 80% what you put in your body, folks. Hate to say it.  Ever since then, I’ve made smaller and healthier choices, limited eating out and due to running so much I just naturally ended up drinking more water and avoided alcohol to avoid getting dehydrated during my morning runs. So this happened.

Excuses are so easy too. Believe me, I’ve come up with most of them. “I’m tired. I worked all day. I’m too tired to cook. I’ll kill it at the gym tomorrow. Just one slice of pizza won’t hurt. Just one more glass of wine.”

The excuses slowly came to a stop, I’ve been focused on my goals…and well now this is a body I can be proud of. It’s a work in progress and I’m headed in the right direction.


I’m proud of it because it says that I’m starting to treat it right, rather than like a trash can. I’ve been up every single morning despite my hamstring injury and working around it. No excuses. No shakes. No special pill. No special diet. No crazy cleanse. Just real food and some hard work at the gym.

Some easy changes I made:

  • Stop eating out (like stop it completely…controlling what is in your food is the most important thing to do) Plus it saves money!
  • Stop rewarding yourself with food…because really, are you a dog? Nope. If you hit a fitness goal, reward yourself with a mani/pedi, a new outfit, etc.
  • Eat on a smaller plate. It tricks the eye into thinking you grabbed more, when really, it’s less.
  • Keep your healthy lifestyle in full gear by staying focused on it every single day. Read a health article in the morning, don’t skip your scheduled workout, get a workout buddy that has similar goals.
  • Accept the fact that not everyday will be perfect. Some days you might slip up, you might not workout as hard as you wanted, but HEY there’s always tomorrow and you got this. It doesn’t mean you failed.
  • Sticking with raw foods is always a safe bet. When grocery shopping avoid the center aisles like the plague…or say…the Kardashians.

Oh and do it for the #@%^ shit you got hot. HA.




Friday’s Fitness Favorites

Friday’s Fitness Favorites

It’s FRIDAY!!! I have to say start off by saying thank you to everyone who sent me happy birthday wishes. You guys are the best!! Let’s link up with Amanda and go through some of my birthday week favorites!

Favorite Workout Move: Alright so you guys are going to think I’m cray, but my favorite workout move for this week is the brutal burpee. Yep, I said it. I think of it as a love/hate relationship. I do a set of them after each time I finish a set with weights (i.e. bicep or tricep curls). It kicks my ass each and every time. It’s a full body move that will get you sweating and your heart rate up in just minutes! Feeling the burn!! In my new VSX tights of course…#brushingmyshouldersoff

FullSizeRender (13)

Favorite Workout Playlist: These jams have been getting me pumped up each morning and especially those mornings where I need to pretty much throw myself out of bed at 4:30 a.m.


Favorite Results: I haven’t skipped a beat in my morning workouts and I’m going to go ahead and brush my shoulder off some more because well…these results are well worth it. Move over thigh gap, hello muscle!


While I’m loving my results, I’ve had to stop weighing myself. Like scale, GTFO of my room. I’m feeling everything tone up and feel more comfortable in my clothes and that simple number on the scale is just a bully! I must say, it really is hard not eat all of the contents in my fridge when I come home from a heavy weights day. #eatallthethings.

Favorite Drink: I’m very anti supplement or protein powder anything (nothing beats getting nutrients from eating normal food) but with how I’m lifting and how often, I’m just not getting enough protein in my diet if I don’t fuel up with an extra recovery protein drink. I’ve had Muscle Milk before, but apparently they have this new Pro Series out and it’s amaze-balls. It packs in 40 freakin’ grams of protein with only 2 grams of sugar. I pound one of those suckers down after my workouts and I feel great! I love that it’s lactose free too.


Favorite Saying:


It’s so true. It’s so easy to look at someone’s great success without taking a glance at what it took for them to get to that point. There is always struggle, blood, sweat, tears and failure before you can call yourself a master at anything. It makes the success even more gratifying once you’ve achieved it!

One thing I’ve been trying to give up though is coffee and substituting that with tea. Luigi isn’t happy about it, he’s kind of not talking to me. He likes the smell of coffee in the morning just as much as I do.


Happy Friday everyone! What are your Friday favorites?!



Birthday Weekend

Birthday Weekend

You guys!!! It’s my 28th birthday!! I was born on February 8, 1988. So many eights! So excuse me while I switch out my running tights for something a little more appropriate for the occasion.

FullSizeRender (10)

I believe in celebrating your birthday for the whole weekend…hell for the whole month! Especially if your actual birthday lands on a…Monday…womp womp. This weekend I got to spend time with some of my favorite people which made it really special. The hubs and I met up with my family at my favorite Mexican place, Mago. The margaritas you guys…to die for.



Another awesome part about your birthday is you get a bunch of birthday discounts. In addition to Victoria’s Secret’s 30% sports bras sale, I also scored some awesome VS workout tights with my birthday coupon. I couldn’t say no.

FullSizeRender (11)

My sister and I spent the whole day together shopping and snagging deals. We shopped to severe exhaustion. To the point where even a venti latte with an extra shot couldn’t even save us. I may have spent a lot, but I saved even more so that counts for something right? I’ve become a clearance rack QUEEN.

I also didn’t let the Super Bowl overshadow my birthday weekend…okay it did a little bit. But it just gave me another excuse to inhale more calories. At least I burned quite a few running a Super Bowl Shuffle! I told myself that I was going to take it easy and run it slow…yeah well no that didn’t really happen. Although I did maintain a slower pace than I usually would, I was bad…and I’m paying for it now. My hammie tendon is screaming is quite angry with me. But I figured if I have to stop running while I’m in PT, I’m going to make this damn race count. And I was quite proud of myself. The last downhill was pretty hard on that tendon and I channeled my inner Beyonce and finished strong.

FullSizeRender (12)

I just realized something too. You can really tell the difference between a treadmill runner and one who usually runs outside throughout the year. I saw some runners in COATS and it was a beautiful 40 degrees outside! This is another reason why I love running outside throughout the year instead of running on a treadmill. Your body just gets used to the weather conditions which preps you to perform your best on race day.

I averaged an 8:47 minute mile and finished 7th in my age group and 170th overall out of over 400 people. Not too shabby for being injured. My playlist was on point too. An obvious requirement. Everything about this race was super. 😉


After this birthday weekend fest full of amazingness and calories…I can’t wait to hit the gym tomorrow. #bloatedashell. #toomuchpizza.

This sums up my Super Bowl night.


But really, that face-off between Beyonce and Bruno Mars during the halftime show….Beyonce could stomp him out with one flick of her heel.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Linking up with Biana today! More birthday updates to come!





Wednesday Confessions…But Can I Run?

Wednesday Confessions…But Can I Run?

So you guys I have some really exciting news. Before I air out my dirty activewear for all to read about, I have to go over my dreaded appointment with my orthopedic specialist.

SO it’s no surprise that I was a nervous wreck waiting for my name to be called to see if my injury is in fact something more serious. I.e. I tore the shit out of my meniscus or something. I was asked all sorts of questions about the injury. “Yep I’m a long distance runner,” “Yes I usually run 60+ miles per month” “Yes I feel like someone jabbed my hammie tendon with a machete at times” “YES I WANT TO RUN AGAIN PLEASE TELL ME I CAN PLEASE!”


Once all of that was said and done, I went in for an X-ray and waited….my doc came in, let me know that there was no apparent tear…(queue internal celebration.)


After that huge relief, he continued to put pressure on several points on and around my knee to pinpoint where the pain was (I was able to bite back some obscenities while he hit the source of the pain) and determined that I had hamstring tendinitis and needed physical therapy. With this diagnosis, I then made it quite clear that I needed some answers such as:

Can I make this injury worse by running?

Answer: No. It would just prolong the healing process…

Say whhaatttt?


Translation: Yes go ahead and run your 5k this Sunday. NBD.

Now I know, I know, I need to focus on healing it before any crazy long runs that I have ahead of me…but I confess….you bet your ass I’m running that damn 5k. All I need is to take a few Aleve, tape that shit up and I’m good to go. I obviously won’t be pushing my pace, I’ll be running at a very comfortable pace.

I confess that after the appointment, I took several pics of said X-ray and even hung it on the fridge. You know because while some people hang their kid’s drawings on there…I have this work of art.

FullSizeRender (9)

I confess that I won’t be starting physical therapy just yet because of running the 5k…but I cross my big runner heart that I’ll make my initial appointment next week.

I confess that although physical therapy is ordered for one month, I’ll be going for a few sessions to learn what I need to do and then do the rest on my own. Hell if I’m going to pay someone to tell me how to stretch my fucking legs for a whole month. #nope

giphy (3)

In other unrelated confession news, I confess that I get a little annoyed whenever the hubs asks me what I want for my birthday specifically…so basically all he has to do is hand over the money and wrap it up. His defense is that I’m really particular, my defense is that he’s known me for 10 fucking years. #gettoknowyourwife #ilikerunningshit #nothard

giphy (4)

I really just love it when I can tell that he put a lot of thought into something. He used to write me poems when we first started dating back in the day and it was the cutest thing ever and I still have ALL of them.

I confess I’ve been killing it at the gym err’ damn morning. Not even skipping a beat. Because well.. #goals and hell if I can stop binge eating these things.


I confess I seriously fist pumped in the air after my first run in a damn MONTH because of this injury. I promised the hubs that I wouldn’t run until it either got better on its own or until I saw a doctor. Well guess what? My watch hit run o’clock as of yesterday morning. I can’t tell you the runner’s high I got afterward either. I’m such an addict…


I confess that while I HATED not running, I did like that it forced me to pay attention to the neglected areas of my bod. I focused on my upper body and core and this girl is seeing some much-needed results. #jacked

giphy (5)

Linking up with these lovely ladies again!





Friday Favorites & Not So Favorites….

Friday Favorites & Not So Favorites….

Hooray it’s Friday! This week has been so emotionally exhausting so I’m really looking forward to this weekend where I can just do my own thing and focus on some changes. BUT let’s look into some of my favorites I’ve come across…especially since I’ve been perusing some birthday gift ideas…28 is around the corner and I’m all sorts of meh about it…

Standing desks: Since I do spend a crazy amount of time at my computer for work, I’ve been looking into these more. Medical experts have even equated sitting too long to smoking. Which I think is a little extreme…but it’s pretty scary. Standing more each day instead of sitting can help tone muscles, improves posture, increases blood flow, pumps up your metabolism and burns extra cals. Ummm yes please. I mean they do look a little bit odd, but I do like the desk converter models that you just set it up on top of your existing desk.


Backpacks: Yes I’ve fallen hard for this trend and I’ve been looking at so many. Also because I’m a bag whore and can never have too many work bags.


Music: I’ve really been digging Spotify’s acoustic covers and evening acoustic playlists have been my jam for some time now. If you haven’t checked it out, I highly suggest it. They’re totally on point with their mood playlists too.

FullSizeRender (7)

Workout: Well my not so favorite thing is that the tendon in my hammie is still injured and my IT band has been a whiny bitch (going to an ortho specialist on Monday) but KT tape is my savior. It gives me the added support I need throughout the day. Also, this injury is actually proving to be a really good thing for my upper body. #rippedstatus But really, I’ve been popping anti-inflammatory meds like M&Ms…not so good.

FullSizeRender (8)

This is my very first, seemingly long-term running injury so this has been pretty rough. As someone who averages clocking in about 80-90 miles per month hitting the pavement…my mental health is slowly on the decline. Running is my release! I NEED my next fix asap. No I’m not an addict…I’m even starting to get jealous of those running on dreadmills at the gym. It’s getting real guys.

I hope everyone is having a great Friday! TGIF! Linking up with Amanda!



I Confess…I’m Inspired

I Confess…I’m Inspired

It’s hump day already guys and we’re in for another link-up and confession session with these lovely ladies.



I confess I’m insanely inspired by the morning gym crew. Whenever I try to make excuses not to go, I think of this woman who KILLS it every single gym sesh. Yesterday morning, I decided to go up to her and tell her how awesome she was for coming in every single morning and kicking some major ass and how inspired I was by her. At first she looked at me as if I was 50 shades of cray. She said that she didn’t see how someone like her could inspire someone like me…I asked her what she meant by that and she just replied with, “because I’m almost three times your size.”

I confess….that broke my heart.

I told her that people like her are the most inspirational because I know that taking the first step into living more of a healthy lifestyle is the hardest.


After our little exchange, I felt like she had an extra spring in her step. There’s nothing like spreading some kind words around and even if it’s just doing or saying something small. It’s like receiving exceptional customer service. Having a complete stranger go above and beyond for you. It doesn’t always come around so often, but when it does, I know that it adds some extra sunshine to my day, so why not do the same for other people?

confettiI confess I need to spread the happy some more. Everyone has this happiness confetti in their pocket and I’m making it a goal of mine to compliment or do something for someone each day. Whether it’s to take someone’s cart back for them at the grocery store or to say, “hey, you there, you look BEAUTIFUL today. I LOVE your outfit. Did you get your hair done? It looks Fabulous.”


I confess that I also think we need to be a little nicer to ourselves. We can be our own worst enemy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve insulted my body…so…I feel like I need to apologize for calling it so many names. I mean really if it could just learn how to burn more calories while I slept we wouldn’t have so many mean conversations…just saying. Instead, this has to happen on the daily. Because well…#beastmode.

FullSizeRender (6)

How are you going to spread the happy today? What is one thing that is awesome about you?! Let me hear it!