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Who Runs the World?

Who Runs the World?

Who runs the world? Well, me…literally because like an idiot with no sense of direction, I made a wrong turn and added a 5k onto my already long run. #SundayRunday. But I’m jumping forward a bit. With half marathon training at its peak, I’m logging some serious miles. The race is at the end of this month and that means…NEW SHOES. I’m so happy to review my first run with my new Brooks Glycerin 15 running shoes. I’ve gone back and forth wearing Sauconys and Brooks mainly because with Brooks, they usually felt a little heavier than my Sauconys, although they had great support and cushion for long distance runs. HOWEVER, after running with the new Glycerin 15 shoe, Brooks is back in the game. They are SO much lighter (like my Sauconys) and they seem to have even more cushion than before. Some reviews mentioned that the toe box was smaller, however I didn’t think so at all. I always order a half size up for my running shoes to begin with. My test run was about 4.5 miles and I certainly had happy feet from start to finish. I mean, as a runner, when your new running shoes arrive…I can’t slap my Garmin and running clothes on fast enough.

Since they passed the shorter distance test run, I couldn’t wait to try them out for Sunday’s long run (that was supposed to be 11 miles). As stated earlier, because I have zero sense of direction, my run turned into 14.5 miles with SO many hills. Now if that wasn’t a test for these new shoes I don’t know what would be. Oh and let’s not forget that it was insanely humid and hot outside. Of course. This also means my schedule has since been cleared for the rest of the day. Yay me for getting grocery shopping out of the way the other day…because this girl isn’t doing SHIT for the rest of the day. Well…except for eating my calories back. The amount of salt that was coming off of me was disgusting. It was even more disgusting when my furbaby Luigi sauntered on over and started to lick my arm. Does anyone else’s furbabies do this? What a weirdo. But since I survived my run and made pretty good time despite the heightened anxiety of possibly being lost, a post-run selfie was obviously in order. I didn’t die, I made it home in one piece…and my new Glycerins didn’t fail me. Holllaaaa.


I also need to give a shout-out to the hubs for running his very first 5k! Well by now he ran a couple more, but man am I so proud of this guy. It only took me like…8 years to get him into it, but…SUCCESS MUAHAHAHA. One day I went off on my run and he went off on his and we got back right around the same time. Full disclaimer, he kind of wanted to kill me for snapping a selfie since he kind of felt like death afterward and I was all “but first lemme take a selfie.” Me: deal with it. 😀


Running aside (yes I know, there’s more to my life than running) I was a bachelorette for the latter part of this week. The hubs was away at a convention and this girl got some serious chill time in and caught up on some reading and trashy TV shows that the hubs loathes entirely. I’m currently reading What She Knew by Gilly Macmillan and I’m OBSESSED. I’m really digging this new author and can’t wait to read more from her. If you’re looking for your next suspense novel, I highly recommend it! Other books I have lined up to read are:

Really, Half-Priced Books is my go-to, especially when I want to discover new authors. And with an extra 20% off Labor Day sale, I filled my basket to the brim! #booknerd.My sister also had her house warming party yesterday, she’s such an amazing hostess. She cooked up the most amazing spread for brunch and had mimosas ready as soon as you walked in. I need to take notes….or take a cooking class. Haha. After the party I managed to get together with the bestie for some girl time and snagged some awesome back-to-school deals. I love benefiting off of something that I no longer have to worry about. Nordstrom Rack is seriously my jam. As someone who REALLY is working on spending less and budgeting more, this place is amazing. By the end of the day, I was ready to Netflix and chill. Luigi agreed. He also serves as a great blanket.


And now that August has come to an end, it’s time to say goodbye to summer and HELLO fall. We’ll be dismantling the pier soon and bringing in the boats (which is always a sad day) but I must admit, fall is my favorite season. Bring on the cozy sweater weather, bonfires, changing leaves and breezy fall running. So goodbye, summer. It’s been real.



Five Friday Favorites! #LoveIt

Five Friday Favorites! #LoveIt

It’s been quite some time since I linked up for a Friday Favorites post! I of course will blame it all on marathon training and pile on the excuses from there. Because well…I just can’t pry myself away from a bowl of pasta long enough to hammer out more blog updates. But let’s carry on shall we?!

::1:: Fabletics

I’m sure I’ve posted about Fabletics before when they first made their debut, but I seriously can’t go on enough about their awesome VIP pricing and quality of active wear. Because really? I don’t have time or the funds for ONE pair of $90 running tights.


I recently got to try out some of their sports bras and I LOVE how they have a back enclosure so it’s not impossible to get off post-17 mile run. (FYI getting off a sweat-soaked sports bra should be considered an Olympic sport…if that image is too graphic for you…#sorrynotsorry.)



::2:: Zulily

I’ve recently paid more attention to Zulily thanks to my sis. I swear that website makes it impossible for you to be willing to spend full price on ANYTHING going forward. It’s awesome. I had a gift card to spend on there and within the past two days they had events for Brooks AND Lorna Jane! That kind of apparel can set you back hundreds of dollars and this girl scored some awesome fall running apparel for the price of one top.

Had to snag these Lorna Jane color block tights…because obviously.



This Brooks tech hoodie will ensure that I won’t become roadkill. I’ll be a tall, running highlighter.


Their customer service is also amaze-balls and over-the-moon nice and courteous which is enough to keep me coming back. Even better, if you see something else that you must have and you already placed your purchase, you’ll only be charged for shipping ONCE. We all know how much I loathe shipping prices so this is a major win in my book.

::3:: Race Swag

But seriously, any runner will tell you that before they sign up for a race, they’ll verify that they get awesome swag. I seriously just signed up for a half marathon because why not get a medal when I’m supposed to run that distance for marathon training anyway? Win/win. Race photos…not so much. Do I want a photo of myself at mile 12? Probably not. I’ll most likely look like I’m dying and end up terrified at the realization of how I look while running. It’s not pretty 80% of the time. I need to be more aware of my face as I run…come marathon day I don’t want to mirror some half-living creature as I reach the finish. I also achieved blue status on my Nike Running app and clocked in over 120 miles for this month. I’m not crazy I’m just training for a marathon…oh wait…


::4:: Brooks

Oh how I love Brooks shoes. They’ve been good to me throughout my marathon training and was SO excited to see a second pair of my Glycerin 12s on super sale since the latest model just came out. Brooks isn’t the best when it comes to color choices so I was super stoked when my size was still in stock in another color option that I fell in love with…because that is just as important as its functionality right?…Better cross that finish line in style…and in one piece. I broke them in one morning and had a lovely view!


::5:: Fall Days

Oh yes I had to close with this one! For the past few nights, my runs have been ever so amazing with this fall preview weather. The overcast, slightly windy weather is making me very hopeful for race day in October. It’s such a crap-shoot when it comes to that month in Chicago. I’ve had enough of these hot, sweaty days. Marathon training is hard enough without the sun searing into my skull. I even found out that Dunkin’ Donuts was flying under the radar and got their pumpkin coffee back. (Nope, I don’t care if it’s not even October yet.) I wouldn’t give Apollo any. Not a single drop. Don’t worry everyone, he survived. #dramacat.


Linking up with Amanda at Meet at the Barre and April at A. Liz Adventures!



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Friday Favorites: Running Happy

Friday Favorites: Running Happy

I have SO many Friday favorites to share, so let’s link-up with Amanda going on this fine Friday morning!


I must sound like a broken record to people these days talking about all marathon running related things. But….


Favorite Photo: Okay so maybe it’s not my favorite-of-all-time photo…but I don’t look like a complete asshat in one of the official photos that were taken of me for the Soldier Field 10 Mile race. I love how they got an air shot of me at the finish line!

Emily race

Favorite Running Apparel: ALL OF THIS. For some reason, there are two Sports Authoritys within less than a mile of each other and one of them is going out of business. They had a 40% sale off of their clearance racks and ALL of their apparel was pretty much already on clearance….I got all of this for the original price of one pair of running leggings. Is it Christmas? My birthday? Did I just…okay let’s keep it G-rated.


Favorite Running Shoes: From now up until the day of the marathon, I’m planning on alternating three pairs of shoes, but these Brooks Glycerin 12s might be my favs. Obviously the fit and how they feel always comes first, but it was a bonus that they just look amaze-balls as well. HOLLA. I saved $20 too ordering them through VIP Zappos. I never knew how hard it was to find size 11.5….sold out err’where.


Favorite Journal: YEP by journal I mean marathon training journal. Thanks to Renee over at Getting Fit & Fab! I got to personalize and design the cover and it turned out so perfect. Inside you can track your PRs, nutrition, runs, crosstraining etc. I’m in love.


Favorite Running Fuel & Recovery Mix: I’ve really been partial to the energy chews rather than the gels while I’m out on a long distance run. I don’t need to feel like I’m eating slime while I’m trying to get through my 10th mile. No thanks. CLIF Shot Blocks will be stocked during my training.


As for after my long distance runs, Pacific Health’s Endurox R4 recovery mix is a must. I can run a half marathon and the next morning feel like I just ran a quick 5k the night before. It’s unreal. I’ve struck gold with this stuff.


Favorite Marine: On Memorial Day, this photo of a bald eagle perched on a gravestone at Fort Snelling National Cemetary went viral. Amazing.


This is where my Granddad is also buried. It really sent chills through me. Memorial Day is always a reminder of how my Granddad served in the USMC for so many years. He certainly made a career out of it and was amazingly skilled. Just look at all of these medals. I definitely miss him and his stories. He still holds shooting records in various states.



I hope all of you lovelies had an amazing holiday weekend/week as well!