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Live Your Best Life

Live Your Best Life

Why hello there August! July was filled with music and travel and it was pretty much amazing. August has a lot to live up to. It’s been about two years since I took a whole week off since I started my job almost 2 years ago now. Crazy right? I have so much going on, leaving work for that long gave me extreme anxiety. But as my director told me, “don’t worry…the place most likely won’t burn down while we’re both gone at the same time.” So I took a deep breath before I left work, activated my out of office response to my email and completely disconnected for a whole week. The hubs and I meet up with his side of the family way up north (in the middle of nowhere) and rent a bunch of cabins along the lake. It’s serene, it’s peaceful, it gets me back in touch with what really matters.

Living the cabin life is one of my favorite things and really, it could save me from my shopping addiction. It’s a place where the average person probably thinks Burberry is a type of fruit and Gucci is a type of fish. The cabin life is all about nature, slowing down, and revitalizing the soul. While we were on vacay, we usually come prepared with our own food and I always make sure to bring my own coffee (his fam doesn’t drink it….that’s fine I don’t have to share! :D)

I woke up pretty much every morning and was met with the calming sounds of the lake and started the day out with a run. Mind you, I was paranoid beyond belief. Being so out in the middle of nowhere and among many trails and woods…there are bears. There are many things that ran through my mind every morning as I started my run in these parts:

  • It’s too quiet…why is it so quiet…?
  • I’m going to die for sure.
  • Isn’t this a scene from Deliverance?
  • OMG what was THAT noise?! *jumps 10 ft up in the air
  • I should really steady my pace…what if I come across a bear and have to run for my life?
  • If I am being chased down by a huge bear…I should zig-zag right? That will confuse it and slow it down right? Oh please God let that be true.
  • I’m so stupid for running out here alone.
  • All of this extra adrenaline running through my body is doing amazing things for my pace.
  • Maybe I should run with a machete next time…what would Leo do?


  • No, I don’t think I could bitch-slap a bear. I’d die.
  • I’m making these hills my bitch.
  • Next time I need a running partner. Survival of the fittest?
  • If I got mauled by a bear, how long would it take for anyone to find my body?
  • YES I finished my run and lived another morning!!!! Okay now to take a million selfies until one is sufficient.

What can I say? Take a city girl out of her environment and of course she instantly thinks a bear is going to take her out. I mean that’s a totally rational way to think right? I would say that I kept up with the healthy life while I vacay but who am I kidding? There was A LOT of day drinking going on. Aside from the vodka and wine though I was totally on track. MyFitnessPal doesn’t need to know that I totally fucking lied when I just logged 2 glasses of sangria….what really happened is between my liver and me.

But the hubs of course…he was on his A game. He didn’t have ANYTHING to drink (what a weirdo) and really I couldn’t have been more impressed. With all of the late nights of EVERYONE snacking on shit, he barely had any of it. We hiked around Copper Falls that was an hour out from where we were staying, but it was TOTALLY worth it. The hike was amazing.

And the hubs…bless his soul…while I was cursing myself out for snacking too much the other night…he snapped this pic of my leg gains. He was all, “See? Shut up.”

When we got back from vacay, I returned to work completely recharged…but totally not ready to check my thousands of emails. (It took 3 hours to completely get caught up on emails alone).

The week we returned, fortunately I had more to look forward to than getting caught up at work. I had THREE concerts lined up. There’s nothing like breaking up the week like rocking to Sir Paul McCartney with the hubs and good friends. I saw him in 2012 and he absolutely did not disappoint for round 2. Beatles music will always have a special place in my heart.

He of course brought the house down with “Live and Let Die” fireworks and all and closed with his classic “Hey Jude.” My friend and I vowed that we both needed to get Beatle lyric tattoos.

Concert #2 was Dierks Bentley. I love this man’s music. I wasn’t always a country fan. In fact…I hated it entirely. Now, it’s almost all I listen to since it’s like a whole new world of music has opened up to me. I think what really did it was this transition the whole genre is doing into sounding more like pop music. Anyway, once I was introduced to a number of hits…I can’t get enough! Oh and I failed to mention that before vacay, my sis and I went to go see Sam Hunt and Maren Morris. UH-mazing. It was so much fun and of course we sang the shit out of every song like crazed people.

By the third concert, (Jimmy Eat World and Incubus) I was totally concerted out. Both of us got a bottle of rose and picked out a spot on the lawn until it was time to tap into our inner teenager. #roseallday

In addition to all of the summer fun, I had to keep my half marathon training in mind as well. I’ve got my last half marathon of the year coming up in late September. So far, I’m not going to lie…I’ve been kicking some ass. I have the hubs to thank too for being so motivated with his fitness goals. It makes me keep my shit together.

With the relatively mild summer, it’s helped me get my longer runs in on the weekends. I’ve also been trying NOT to eat the whole damn fridge after training. The struggle is real. I hope everyone is having a great summer!!! As for me, it’s time to train HARD.






Back to Reality

Back to Reality

I’m back guys! Okay well I’ve been back for a little bit but you know how hard it is to get back into the swing of things? I felt like I needed a vacation from my vacation. Getting back to my normal training routine has been ROUGH to put it mildly. I only got one run in because of the bear scare we had. Now I know they’re nocturnal, but this girl isn’t about to chance it. Knowing my luck, I cross paths with a bear that decides to enjoy the sunshine. Nope. No thanks. It really bummed me out though since the trails around the cabin resort were flippin’ awesome and so peaceful.

FullSizeRender (2)

Not to mention there was a daily calorie fest of wine, beer, grilled foodstuffs and s’mores by the campfire.


This was part of my daily ritual….shades and a wine glass while sunbathing by the lake.


Granted we were active playing some extreme badminton, capture the flag, kayaking, canoeing and swimming so I didn’t feel TOO bad indulging err’day. We explored all of these different islands on the lake. We made an oath next year that we would pack a picnic, snag some beer and camp out on the sandy one we discovered. #vacationwin. Can I just go back? Can we just pretend that my marathon isn’t about 80-some days away? EEP.



This vacation was exactly what I needed though to get away from work and to clear my head of a lot of things and disconnect. Even getting a little WiFi was hard to come by and while it was tough, it was SO nice. Nothing but this view to look at for a whole week.


FullSizeRender (1)

However NOW the hubs and I are back into our routine and I’m trying my flippin’ hardest to deal with this head cold and continue with my marathon training…with this impossible humidity. Just shoot me. My pace and endurance is just sickening. All I can do though is push hard, eat right and get those miles in each week…hopefully things let up soon because hot damn…this boob sweat is out of control.


This weekend my long run ramps up to 12 miles and I’m shaking in my Brooks. Hopefully the weather cooperates a little more on Sunday. Apollo has just been trolling me all day about it…”blondie, get your feet into these shoes…and get me snacks.”


Thank the lord tomorrow is my rest day and the hubs and I will be seeing Van Halen at one of my fav venues. Yes, I said it…Van Halen. I’m so excited I can’t even….

While this first week back was rough, I’m proud of myself for not passing up a run and making excuses, especially with this wicked runny nose (ew). My fundraising is also in full swing again and I’ve hit 60% of my overall goal for the American Cancer Society! I can’t wait to reach 100%!!!