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Christmas Party Marathoning!

Christmas Party Marathoning!

Christmas went as fast as it arrived! It’s my favorite time of year by far, even with all of the stress that it brings. Every single year I realize how truly blessed I am for the family and friends that are in my life. The hubs’ family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve and my family celebrates on Christmas Day so it allows us to spend time with both sides. Let the holiday party marathon begin! We were ready.


We didn’t have to prepare much on Christmas Eve, but for my family gathering, I was in charge of the mac and cheese this year…for over 20 people. This is obviously a staple for kids so I could NOT mess this up. When food assignments went out this year, I was shocked to find out that we were assigned an actual food dish (a sign you’re moving up) and really I have no idea how this happened but it did. I mean it’s only mac and cheese, but I’ve never prepared anything for that many people in my life. Suddenly I felt like I was preparing a five-course meal for an army and the whole day relied on the success of my mac and cheese. (Ludacris, I know.)

So I found a crock pot mac and cheese recipe so it would stay warm enough until we got to our destination. Let me tell you, I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown with how this homemade mac and cheese recipe was going. It looked like a milky mess, it was overflowing since my dumbass didn’t consider the capacity of my crockpot in relation to how many servings I was making, and the NSYNC Christmas album blaring through the speakers wasn’t even enough to lower my anxiety. Once I mixed all of the ingredients together, all I could do was cross my fingers and wait for the 3 hours it required to cook. Luckily it actually turned into something that looked like a delicious dish of mac and cheese. Yes, that was a long explanation, but it was completely necessary…I couldn’t be held responsible for being the reason why mac and cheese wasn’t on the menu. It turned out to be a big hit (I’m sure the calorie count topped a million per serving, so how could it not?) Holla.

Now that we mention calories, can we NOT talk about how many calories I drank within the past two days? Okay thanks. My cousin has a mean wine cellar in her basement too so how the hell could I not indulge? Wine cals aside, I did minimize the damage done by the countless Christmas cookies strewn about each house we went to for the Christmas festivities. TRAPS EVERYWHERE. I thanked my lucky stars that my boxing gym was open on Christmas Eve to get one kick ass workout in before all of this started.

They’re easier to avoid though while you’re busy talking with your favorite people, like this guy. #daddysgirlforlife.

One of the family traditions is to have a white elephant type gift exchange where the gift could either be awesome or a dud. My inner coffee-a-holic was screaming when I was lucky enough to score some amazing, specialty coffee complete with an insulated travel mug. #winning.

After the gift exchange we had to party hop on over to my mom’s side of the family to not only celebrate Christmas, but to celebrate my cousin’s birthday who was in from LA. Lucky for her, she didn’t have to experience the -12-degree weather!

More laughs were shared, caught up with family, more food was consumed (including my mom’s homemade Swedish meatballs…YUM) gift exchange #2. By this time, I think Josh and I were both going into a food/wine coma. It’s always so hard to leave family, especially since leaving means that Christmas is over! NOOOO!!! Why can’t this holiday just last forever? Everything is sparkly, and I for one could listen to Christmas music all day everyday.

One of my favorite gifts aside from my handy new laptop from the hubs, (it’s so shiny and pretty), are my new rose gold Nike kicks. My sis hit it BIG with this gift. Give me rose gold everything. I was obsessing over these ever since I saw them and now I have them! EEE! I have the best fam ever.

My other fav gift came from my mom. I’ve been eyeing the Marc Jacobs petal to the medal handbag forEVER. And now, thanks to my WAY too generous mom, this baby is in my closet!

The day after Christmas was spent in max recovery mode, meaning getting a normal amount of sleep and running off those wine cals. Did I mention how I couldn’t put on my running shoes fast enough? It was 50 degrees and sunny in Chicago! Whattt?! It was the best ever.

But now, everyone in the house is all “boo Christmas is over” and Luigi is having some serious post-Christmas blues.

Don’t worry Luigi, one of the perks of having a fake Christmas tree is that we can keep it up until March. Baha! I hope everyone got the chance to enjoy the holidays and spent them with loved ones! Let the holiday detox continue!



Christmas Time is Here!

Christmas Time is Here!

So many good vibes this weekend. First, the weekend kicked off with a ladies day/night full of Christmas shopping and seeing Hamilton. I’ve been DYING to see this production and it was nothing short of amazing.


It was unlike any other musical I’ve seen. My sister, mom and I were laughing and crying by the end of the play. I love the city during this time of year too. Everything is lit up and looks so magical. And I must say, the Broadway tracks that I’ve streamed just don’t have the same swagger that this group had, although it’s still amazing. The mix tape version with artists doing covers of these songs has also been on repeat! Ugh can I PLEASE see this play again without spending a million dollars?


Going to dinner at the Walnut Room at Macy’s is another tradition that we had to fulfill. There’s nothing like dining around a beautiful Christmas tree to get you even more into the Christmas spirit!! I still can’t believe that the holiday season is officially in full swing. Sparkles are everywhere!


While the holiday season is defined by spending time with your friends and family, going to holiday parties, sharing laughs and making memories, the copious amount of calories that lurk around every corner is dreadful. There is absolutely no room for excuses when it comes to workouts during this time of the year. If I indulge in a fancy-pants holiday cocktail or a couple of homemade Christmas cookies, you bet my ass will be at the gym err’day.

Not to mention that I got my Christmas party dress in already and I have ZERO room for weight gain. It’s beautiful and it just might be motivation enough for me to turn down my mom’s snickerdoodle cookies. Maybe…

Since I’ve been on my A-game with Christmas shopping (celebrate the small victories) I’ve spoiled myself with a few goodies since I’m feeling like these holiday deals this year are just too good to pass up. This is the time of year where I usually stock up on some more pricey items or if I want to try something new (hellloooo Sephora holiday kits). I think I’ve finally found a winner when it comes to dry shampoo too, I’ll let you guys know how it is once it delivers. I decided to tryout Living Proof’s perfect hair day dry shampoo. My hair is always a mess after I workout so this will be a total game changer if it lives up to the hype. No one has time for two showers in one day. Also, those who are unaware of Nike’s rose gold collection…omg. I don’t know about anyone else, but I need rose gold everything. I fell in love with these Nike Free TR 6 trainers.



Although my feet don’t really like Nikes for long distance runs, they’re great for training and speedwork. Sunday marked Chicago’s first snowfall too so I have a feeling I’ll be spending more time at the gym working on weights. I always slack on my weightlifting during the warmer months because well….who wants to stay inside of a stuffy gym when you could be running around outside in the sunshine? The first snowfall also motivated me to finally breakout all of the holiday decorations. Nothing gets me in a better mood than decorating the Christmas tree.


What kind of fitness gear is on your Christmas list?! 



Running & Fitness Favs on Friday

Running & Fitness Favs on Friday

It’s Fri-yay again! WOOT! Celebrate! What’s even better is that it’s the eve of a THREE_DAY WEEKEND. Can it get any better? I would say no, but in this case, oh yes it can. I’ll get on with my Friday favs to give you the scoop!

::1:: Labor Day Sales

Yesterday Dick’s Sporting Goods started their Labor Day sale for some awesome running/workout gear. It’s hard to even think about cold weather right now since it’s been hot as all holy hell here in Chicago but in just a couple of months, I’ll need to take the cold gear out! This Hyper Warm Nike top was originally $65 and I snagged it for only $25. The hot pink color will also ensure that I won’t get run over. Also, a win. Nike and UA are my go-to brands for cold gear. NOTHING gets through their stuff.

Nike Women’s Pro Hyperwarm Infinity Long Sleeve Top
(find similar here)

Nike Pro hyperwarm infinity top

I also snagged this Nike running tank because it obviously states what I’ve been doing for the past 11 weeks Ha!

Nike Running Tank Top
(find exact tank here)


::2:: Favorite News

Guys, it’s getting so real. The American Cancer Society sent out emails stating that our singlets for the Chicago Marathon are in!!! EEP. I’m almost at my fundraising goal for the ACS too. Being part of the ACS’ DetermiNation team was pretty much the best decision I made. If anyone would like to donate to a great cause, you can find the direct link to my donation page here!


::3:: Favorite Gifs

This will be me after the marathon. No question. I fully expect losing the ability to use my legs at any capacity. I already told my boss that he should expect me NOT to come into work the following day. I will be sleeping, in an ice bath and trying to move my limbs once again.


Stairs will be a struggle…


Getting up to do daily tasks…also a struggle…


::4:: Free Kindle Reads

I LOVE how Amazon has random books for FREE and the ones I’ve downloaded so far are pretty awesome! I recently downloaded Confessions of An Unlikely Runner. I can’t wait to dig into it. I’ve heard it’s hilarious. You can snag this read here. Does Anyone else have any other free reads they really got into?!


::5:: Race Perks

Registering for a half or full marathon I’ve come to learn over the years certainly has its perks for training! I’ve gotten so many freebies in the mail because of it! Because of marathon training, I got a free 30-day trial to this gym that is pretty much the Louis Vuitton of gyms complete with rock climbing walls, numerous classes, basketball courts, top-of-the-line cardio and strength training equipment etc….I have no idea how I’ll ever go back to my old gym that is more basic than a pre-teen with a PSL, leggings and UGGS. Sigh. I felt like I entered Ben Stiller’s Globo Gym walking into this place for the first time.


This Saturday the hubs and I are going to see Def Leppard & Styx and then the following morning is my 18 miler with my training group (lord help me). I hope everyone else has an awesome weekend! And speaking of PSLs, rewards members get access starting TODAY. You’re welcome. πŸ˜€

And remember, for the long weekend even for just a little bit…


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