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Confessions of An Injured Runner

Confessions of An Injured Runner

So over the weekend I started to experience some pain with my hamstring tendon…for anyone who has experienced a strain in this tendon…you also know that it hurts like a bitch. It pretty much makes working out and running impossible. So here are my confessions as of late since I’ve had to succumb to being a lazy couch potato until this pain subsides…and it better be SOON.

::I confess I’ve been coloring. You know in one of those coloring books for adults that are all the rage these days. You guys, if you haven’t snagged one of these yet, what the hell are you waiting for? It’s like I can pretend that I’m no longer an adult for a few hours while I color inside the lines snuggled up with my blankets. Can someone PLEASE bring me some fruit snacks?!


::I confess the only good thing about this injury is that the hubs is willing to shovel the snow in these subzero temps. And of course I’m unable to help at all due to my weakened condition.

giphy (11)

::I confess that I’ve never been so annoyed in my life not being able to workout or run. I have way too much built up energy and I have nowhere to put it. Whenever one of my fav songs comes on I’ve had to resort to jamming out like this…

giphy (12)

::I confess that not being able to workout also means me being a raging, irritable biotch because of it. Working out = stress relief = people live another day without facing my wrath. Today is not that day.

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It really makes me feel all the feels. I prefer to sweat those feels out, lift heavy stuff and call it a day. But no…#fuckinginjury

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::I confess not working out feels like not showering in the morning. I feel gross, dirty, unkempt…UGH make this go away! I’ve learned my lesson to cross train more in between runs I swear!!! I can’t Kanye shrug my way through another week of this.

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::I confess I secretly want every other runner’s legs to blow out as well as I see them happily running by my house because I’m jelly to the max about it. Okay not really…I’m just watching out my window…just wishing that happy runner was me…*sniffle

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:: I confess I’m now cursing my cocky “I never get sick/injured” self for downgrading on my health insurance. I’ll be paying off future med bills for life if this is more of a serious issue #brokeassbitchstatus.

So here’s to hoping that I get to hoard newsfeeds sooner rather than later with post-run selfies. Send good vibes this way and hope this hammie gets its shit together asap!

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So I have some exciting news for all of you runners out there! I was approached by a member of the Confluence Running store in Binghamton, New York to run the Herald of Victory Marathon on May 29th. I was so honored to be offered an entry to such an amazing race! HOWEVER, because of my busy schedule around that time, I won’t be able to travel out there to run it this year. Don’t cry though, because this means I’m hosting a….

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I get to give my race entry away to one of you!! The winner will receive a free race entry, custom bib and finishers medal. This marathon looks epic guys. How cool is that? As a fellow runner, this is pretty awesome since those registration fees throughout the year can really add up. Whether you’re looking to run your first marathon or add another 26.2 onto your hydration belt (see what I did there?) enter below and run for free!


Enter your information here! Only one will be the victor! 😉

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On January 13th, a random winner will be selected and you will be contacted by me with the special promo code to enter at registration. You can enter once each day until the giveaway ends. For more details regarding the race, visit here!

Good luck!!