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Who Runs the World?

Who Runs the World?

Who runs the world? Well, me…literally because like an idiot with no sense of direction, I made a wrong turn and added a 5k onto my already long run. #SundayRunday. But I’m jumping forward a bit. With half marathon training at its peak, I’m logging some serious miles. The race is at the end of this month and that means…NEW SHOES. I’m so happy to review my first run with my new Brooks Glycerin 15 running shoes. I’ve gone back and forth wearing Sauconys and Brooks mainly because with Brooks, they usually felt a little heavier than my Sauconys, although they had great support and cushion for long distance runs. HOWEVER, after running with the new Glycerin 15 shoe, Brooks is back in the game. They are SO much lighter (like my Sauconys) and they seem to have even more cushion than before. Some reviews mentioned that the toe box was smaller, however I didn’t think so at all. I always order a half size up for my running shoes to begin with. My test run was about 4.5 miles and I certainly had happy feet from start to finish. I mean, as a runner, when your new running shoes arrive…I can’t slap my Garmin and running clothes on fast enough.

Since they passed the shorter distance test run, I couldn’t wait to try them out for Sunday’s long run (that was supposed to be 11 miles). As stated earlier, because I have zero sense of direction, my run turned into 14.5 miles with SO many hills. Now if that wasn’t a test for these new shoes I don’t know what would be. Oh and let’s not forget that it was insanely humid and hot outside. Of course. This also means my schedule has since been cleared for the rest of the day. Yay me for getting grocery shopping out of the way the other day…because this girl isn’t doing SHIT for the rest of the day. Well…except for eating my calories back. The amount of salt that was coming off of me was disgusting. It was even more disgusting when my furbaby Luigi sauntered on over and started to lick my arm. Does anyone else’s furbabies do this? What a weirdo. But since I survived my run and made pretty good time despite the heightened anxiety of possibly being lost, a post-run selfie was obviously in order. I didn’t die, I made it home in one piece…and my new Glycerins didn’t fail me. Holllaaaa.


I also need to give a shout-out to the hubs for running his very first 5k! Well by now he ran a couple more, but man am I so proud of this guy. It only took me like…8 years to get him into it, but…SUCCESS MUAHAHAHA. One day I went off on my run and he went off on his and we got back right around the same time. Full disclaimer, he kind of wanted to kill me for snapping a selfie since he kind of felt like death afterward and I was all “but first lemme take a selfie.” Me: deal with it. 😀


Running aside (yes I know, there’s more to my life than running) I was a bachelorette for the latter part of this week. The hubs was away at a convention and this girl got some serious chill time in and caught up on some reading and trashy TV shows that the hubs loathes entirely. I’m currently reading What She Knew by Gilly Macmillan and I’m OBSESSED. I’m really digging this new author and can’t wait to read more from her. If you’re looking for your next suspense novel, I highly recommend it! Other books I have lined up to read are:

Really, Half-Priced Books is my go-to, especially when I want to discover new authors. And with an extra 20% off Labor Day sale, I filled my basket to the brim! #booknerd.My sister also had her house warming party yesterday, she’s such an amazing hostess. She cooked up the most amazing spread for brunch and had mimosas ready as soon as you walked in. I need to take notes….or take a cooking class. Haha. After the party I managed to get together with the bestie for some girl time and snagged some awesome back-to-school deals. I love benefiting off of something that I no longer have to worry about. Nordstrom Rack is seriously my jam. As someone who REALLY is working on spending less and budgeting more, this place is amazing. By the end of the day, I was ready to Netflix and chill. Luigi agreed. He also serves as a great blanket.


And now that August has come to an end, it’s time to say goodbye to summer and HELLO fall. We’ll be dismantling the pier soon and bringing in the boats (which is always a sad day) but I must admit, fall is my favorite season. Bring on the cozy sweater weather, bonfires, changing leaves and breezy fall running. So goodbye, summer. It’s been real.



Christmas Party Marathoning!

Christmas Party Marathoning!

Christmas went as fast as it arrived! It’s my favorite time of year by far, even with all of the stress that it brings. Every single year I realize how truly blessed I am for the family and friends that are in my life. The hubs’ family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve and my family celebrates on Christmas Day so it allows us to spend time with both sides. Let the holiday party marathon begin! We were ready.


We didn’t have to prepare much on Christmas Eve, but for my family gathering, I was in charge of the mac and cheese this year…for over 20 people. This is obviously a staple for kids so I could NOT mess this up. When food assignments went out this year, I was shocked to find out that we were assigned an actual food dish (a sign you’re moving up) and really I have no idea how this happened but it did. I mean it’s only mac and cheese, but I’ve never prepared anything for that many people in my life. Suddenly I felt like I was preparing a five-course meal for an army and the whole day relied on the success of my mac and cheese. (Ludacris, I know.)

So I found a crock pot mac and cheese recipe so it would stay warm enough until we got to our destination. Let me tell you, I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown with how this homemade mac and cheese recipe was going. It looked like a milky mess, it was overflowing since my dumbass didn’t consider the capacity of my crockpot in relation to how many servings I was making, and the NSYNC Christmas album blaring through the speakers wasn’t even enough to lower my anxiety. Once I mixed all of the ingredients together, all I could do was cross my fingers and wait for the 3 hours it required to cook. Luckily it actually turned into something that looked like a delicious dish of mac and cheese. Yes, that was a long explanation, but it was completely necessary…I couldn’t be held responsible for being the reason why mac and cheese wasn’t on the menu. It turned out to be a big hit (I’m sure the calorie count topped a million per serving, so how could it not?) Holla.

Now that we mention calories, can we NOT talk about how many calories I drank within the past two days? Okay thanks. My cousin has a mean wine cellar in her basement too so how the hell could I not indulge? Wine cals aside, I did minimize the damage done by the countless Christmas cookies strewn about each house we went to for the Christmas festivities. TRAPS EVERYWHERE. I thanked my lucky stars that my boxing gym was open on Christmas Eve to get one kick ass workout in before all of this started.

They’re easier to avoid though while you’re busy talking with your favorite people, like this guy. #daddysgirlforlife.

One of the family traditions is to have a white elephant type gift exchange where the gift could either be awesome or a dud. My inner coffee-a-holic was screaming when I was lucky enough to score some amazing, specialty coffee complete with an insulated travel mug. #winning.

After the gift exchange we had to party hop on over to my mom’s side of the family to not only celebrate Christmas, but to celebrate my cousin’s birthday who was in from LA. Lucky for her, she didn’t have to experience the -12-degree weather!

More laughs were shared, caught up with family, more food was consumed (including my mom’s homemade Swedish meatballs…YUM) gift exchange #2. By this time, I think Josh and I were both going into a food/wine coma. It’s always so hard to leave family, especially since leaving means that Christmas is over! NOOOO!!! Why can’t this holiday just last forever? Everything is sparkly, and I for one could listen to Christmas music all day everyday.

One of my favorite gifts aside from my handy new laptop from the hubs, (it’s so shiny and pretty), are my new rose gold Nike kicks. My sis hit it BIG with this gift. Give me rose gold everything. I was obsessing over these ever since I saw them and now I have them! EEE! I have the best fam ever.

My other fav gift came from my mom. I’ve been eyeing the Marc Jacobs petal to the medal handbag forEVER. And now, thanks to my WAY too generous mom, this baby is in my closet!

The day after Christmas was spent in max recovery mode, meaning getting a normal amount of sleep and running off those wine cals. Did I mention how I couldn’t put on my running shoes fast enough? It was 50 degrees and sunny in Chicago! Whattt?! It was the best ever.

But now, everyone in the house is all “boo Christmas is over” and Luigi is having some serious post-Christmas blues.

Don’t worry Luigi, one of the perks of having a fake Christmas tree is that we can keep it up until March. Baha! I hope everyone got the chance to enjoy the holidays and spent them with loved ones! Let the holiday detox continue!



Running tips to avoid injury – don’t be stupid

Running tips to avoid injury – don’t be stupid

So today was pretty significant. Why? Well, I officially hit my goal of running 1,000 miles for 2016. I’m excited. Stoked. Proud. Teary-eyed. Although something even more important to note, I am still INJURY-FREE. I didn’t start off the year too well. I fucked up my hamstring tendon in ways that will make you scream in pain even when I sat down for an extended period of time. After months of physical therapy and finally listening to my body so I could heal properly, I did. I got back on that saddle (slowly) and got back to my normal running pace. It took more patience than I thought I had in me, but I did it and I have sworn that I would never let myself be in that position again. Now I can say that I’ve hit my 2016 fitness goal.


Here are some tips that I’ve followed to help keep my body healthy and injury-free. Keep in mind, I’m not a doctor and these tips are just things that have helped me.

  1. Don’t run every single day. I’ve found that if I pack on the miles every single day without rest or a cross training day, that’s a fast recipe to getting fucked up (queue IT band issues, tightness in my hamstring tendon). As a fellow runner, yes I can see you rolling your eyes from here. Just promise to fit in some non-running days here and there. Your legs will thank you.
  2. Add strength training to your routine. Doing this will not only help prevent injuries, but it will really amp up your speed. It certainly helped me shave off minutes per mile, especially when I was recovering from my injury and was working my way up to my normal speed again. Also, workout your muscles evenly. Don’t just focus on one muscle group.
  3. Rest. No, I don’t mean resting bitch face like the one you’re giving right now reading this. I mean really letting yourself recover, especially if you feel like something is off. Believe it or not, rest days are just as important as the days you kick your ass at the gym.
  4. Stretch. I’ve known some runners to not stretch at all and they swear that they’re fine…yeah well I said the same thing until I fucked up my hamstring. Just give it some time. Now that I’m more prone to injuring that tendon again, that does require me to do more stretching than others. Slacking off in this area is absolutely nonnegotiable whether you’re still healing or fully recovered from an injury. My physical therapist gave me a set of dynamic stretches to do before I run. Check them out here.
  5. Listen to your body. When your stuck seeing your physical therapist for at least an hour, you tend to engage in a lot of conversation. One thing she mentioned was that if more runners just listened to their bodies more, she’d probably be out of a job. Why? Because runners tend to literally run themselves into the ground until they really injure themselves and get stuck going to PT. The key is to fix what might be wrong before a major problem occurs. Feel some tightness during a run? Stomach upset? Slow down a little! Or really, just stop running altogether. Pay attention to your form, breathing, and make sure you’re hydrated.

Sure as a runner, you just want to get up and go for a run, but if you want to stay healthy and keep up with training then you need to run smart. By learning to run smart, I was able to still log 1,000 miles for this year. Had I ignored my doctor, skipped PT sessions, and didn’t take their advice to heart, my running shoes would be collecting dust in the closet right now. Instead, I get to wake up, STRETCH, run, STRETCH AGAIN, and then enjoy taking post-run selfies. 😀


(This is my it’s really cold out, and my face is still thawing out face.)

And really these tips can benefit a runner at any age. I’m a 20-something and no, stretching doesn’t make you weak, it actually makes you stronger. Again, don’t be dumb. Listen to your body, and run happy!


Life Happenings – We Are the Champions!

Life Happenings – We Are the Champions!

There comes a time when this thing called life happens and documenting it from day to day just isn’t feasible. Especially when exciting things that haven’t happened in over 100 years HAPPEN. Yes, I’m going to start this October/November roundup with THE CUBS. It was a surreal game to watch. We blew the lead twice…and WON THE WORLD SERIES. Heart palpitations, high blood pressure, high anxiety, almost feeling like I just might throw up all over the hundred other Cubs fans that were around me at the bar we were at. BUT WE WON. Absolutely nothing could match the joy of waking up to this that morning.



Feelings of holy shit it happened, extreme happiness, jumping up and down, screaming the lyrics to the Cubs anthem….and flying that W! It was a night I’ll never forget. It was so emotional watching all of the older Cubs fans who have been waiting for this moment for so long. Just a couple days after their historic win, I also was cleared to attend the parade that reported to be the 7th largest human gathering in the world. I opted to go to Wrigley where the parade started. I needed to see this…


This made it so real.


While some bosses and HR departments were saying not to skip work for this day, mine was right beside me. Although it was nothing short of crazy dealing with all of the people on the train and getting a primo viewing spot, I have zero regrets. Seeing these guys bring that trophy home was priceless.



It was a perfect day all around. The only thing that did piss me off were the countless teens just looking to see where the “most epic party” was. Go back to school kids. The hubs has even rewatched the final game numerous times and all of the highlights. It’s just something a dedicated Cubs fan can’t get enough of. We did it. WE FINALLY DID IT. Oh and don’t even get me started on the cray-sauce people in line at Dick’s Sporting Goods after the win. The hubs and I went to see how bad the line would be…we couldn’t even see the end of the line it was so long. INSANE. Online shopping, you ridiculously convenient, sexy monster you. My heart will be full because of this Cubs win for quite some time. GO CUBS GOOOOO.

That Sunday I had a half marathon to run – the Milwaukee Running Festival. I just HAD to represent my Cubs with my race day apparel. Obviously. Although it was FREEZING out in the morning, it warmed up pretty fast. This sunrise was a precursor to how epic of a race this ended up to be.


Little did I know that Milwaukee is FULL of steady inclines and hills. The first half of the course was either up steep hills or a steady incline. My. Lord.  The hubs and my in-laws came to cheer me on and man did I ever need them! Their cheers definitely helped me pull through each mile. Little did I know that I would end up with a PR by 8 MINUTES. I haven’t PRed since my injury late last year so I felt like I could cry. In fact, I probably did just because my glutes just took a horrific beating from those hills. I definitely worked hard for this medal.


This time of the year is my favorite. The holidays are right around the corner and the wedding is absolutely perfect for running around the neighborhood. With tensions so high about the election, I’m going to just leave that out and say that we need to love and come together as a nation. This roundup was short and quick and I’m leaving a lot out, but I hope everyone starts this week out right and make it amazing!


Run to Remember – Race Day with Volition America

Run to Remember – Race Day with Volition America

Another start to another week! Let’s recap yet another race weekend shall we?! This one was really special and dear to my heart. #wearblue


Yesterday I had the honor of running the second leg of my half marathon challenge with Volition America. This second half was even more special because of remembering 9/11.


It’s always a reminder that freedom is certainly not free and it was a REALLY emotional race. By the second mile, an amazing organization, Wear Blue: run to remember, setup photos along the course of those who have lost their lives serving our country. I don’t know what came over me, but I was crying my eyes out looking at these photos. Then participants of the organization held American flags as we ran by. I felt like hugging each and every one of them. It was such a powerful few minutes to reflect…and understand that these men and women have sacrificed everything for our country. Also, running and crying…not so easy.

To rewind at the start line, my wireless earbuds decided to not work. So…that meant running 13.1 miles WITHOUT music. And while it was brutal, I took it as a sign that I needed to really pay attention and reflect on what this day meant…ESPECIALLY after taking in that line of photos. It made me attention to things that I normally wouldn’t down to each breath! The weather was perfect, but by the end of the race that sun was SO unforgiving. I was so happy to see that finish line! Give me ALL the salty things and electrolytes. My hamstring is definitely not happy with me so I’ll be taping it up and stretching it err’day so I don’t really injure it again. Another half is in two weeks! I know, I’m all sorts of cray.


The worst part about races is the long drive home. I feel like I need a hip replacement each time. #runnerproblems. But hey, medal Monday! Bling-a-bling-bling! I can’t wait to run with Volition America again. They stand for such a great cause.


I hope everyone else had a great weekend and Monday! As for me…helllooo recovery day, also I tend to justify eating like crap the day after because well…I DID burn over 2,000 cals….don’t judge. Give me all the carbs.



Friday Favorites & Not So Favorites….

Friday Favorites & Not So Favorites….

Hooray it’s Friday! This week has been so emotionally exhausting so I’m really looking forward to this weekend where I can just do my own thing and focus on some changes. BUT let’s look into some of my favorites I’ve come across…especially since I’ve been perusing some birthday gift ideas…28 is around the corner and I’m all sorts of meh about it…

Standing desks: Since I do spend a crazy amount of time at my computer for work, I’ve been looking into these more. Medical experts have even equated sitting too long to smoking. Which I think is a little extreme…but it’s pretty scary. Standing more each day instead of sitting can help tone muscles, improves posture, increases blood flow, pumps up your metabolism and burns extra cals. Ummm yes please. I mean they do look a little bit odd, but I do like the desk converter models that you just set it up on top of your existing desk.


Backpacks: Yes I’ve fallen hard for this trend and I’ve been looking at so many. Also because I’m a bag whore and can never have too many work bags.


Music: I’ve really been digging Spotify’s acoustic covers and evening acoustic playlists have been my jam for some time now. If you haven’t checked it out, I highly suggest it. They’re totally on point with their mood playlists too.

FullSizeRender (7)

Workout: Well my not so favorite thing is that the tendon in my hammie is still injured and my IT band has been a whiny bitch (going to an ortho specialist on Monday) but KT tape is my savior. It gives me the added support I need throughout the day. Also, this injury is actually proving to be a really good thing for my upper body. #rippedstatus But really, I’ve been popping anti-inflammatory meds like M&Ms…not so good.

FullSizeRender (8)

This is my very first, seemingly long-term running injury so this has been pretty rough. As someone who averages clocking in about 80-90 miles per month hitting the pavement…my mental health is slowly on the decline. Running is my release! I NEED my next fix asap. No I’m not an addict…I’m even starting to get jealous of those running on dreadmills at the gym. It’s getting real guys.

I hope everyone is having a great Friday! TGIF! Linking up with Amanda!


Friday Favorites: Morning Grind

Friday Favorites: Morning Grind

No, not like Miley Cyrus type of getting your grind on, but more like getting your workout done before half of the world wakes up. THAT kind of grind. Ever since I started to amp up my fitness game when I was in college, I had no choice but to workout at night after work/class/internship whatever I had going on during the week. HOWEVER now…that is changing. This week I decided that I’ve had enough of working out after work because you know what happens? Excuses happen. “It’s been a long day, I have to meet up with this person, I have to work on this, I have to work on that” you get the idea. But you know what doesn’t happen at 4:30 a.m. each morning? All of those excuses. Because what the hell needs to be happening at 4:30 a.m. other than kicking my ass out of bed to get my fitness on? So this week I switched to this new morning routine and even though the getting up process is a little hard, once I’m at the gym…I’m LOVING it. My running/cross training game is totally going to reach peak levels. I can feel it. My hubs on the other hand thinks I’m 50 shades of cray, but I’m never turning back.

I was all, “Why in the HELL have I waited so long to do this?!”You like my Blue Steel look guys?


You might be wondering why I’m making such a huge deal about this. Well it’s not just because of the obvious reason of reaching fitness goals, but it just starts the day off in the best possible way. (Minus being a sweaty mess..make sure to shower)

I’ve read some pretty interesting articles/studies regarding the most successful people and everything they do even before they bite into a piece of toast that morning and exercising is one of them. Why? Well here are some benefits you can take away while counting those early morning reps instead of counting little sheep in bed.

  • Helps reduce stress throughout the day
  • Improves your sleep
  • Lower blood pressure throughout the day (therefore improving sleep)
  • Better sleep is believed to result in less stress…less stress may also positively affect your weight (helllooo stress eating anyone?)
  • I personally felt more alert throughout the day and didn’t even need that second or even first cup of coffee. Had my protein shake and I was out the door and going to work!

According to Business Insider, In a poll of 20 executives cited by Vanderkam, 90% said they wake up before 6 a.m. on weekdays. PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi, for example, wakes at 4 a.m. and is in the office no later than 7 a.m. Meanwhile, Disney CEO Bob Iger gets up at 4:30 to read, and Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey is up at 5:30 to jog. So about those bananas?

If you’re not a morning person, don’t fret, it’s not everyone’s thing, it’s just worked wonders for me and if you’re into the idea of switching over to morning workouts too, I suggest trying it! As I always say, there’s never really a time where I regretted working out and I felt really shitty afterward. It’s a mood booster!


Linking up with Amanda today!

The Holidays = The Anti-Fitness Blog Post

The Holidays = The Anti-Fitness Blog Post

I’m not about to sugarcoat this post (pun intended) with how I avoided all of Christmas cookies, wine and my aunt’s famous lasagna…because…well I didn’t. Oops. I did however kee up with my workouts and runs so the damage wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Also, I kept up the Christmas spirit despite this crazy, warm weather by jamming out to Nsync’s Christmas album during my runs. Don’t judge. #90schild.


It’s really hard to find an excuse not to go for a run when it’s been in the 50’s in DECEMBER. Ummm I live in Chicagoland right? I’ve been really lazy about foam rolling so that’s the only reason why my mileage has been suffering for the past couple of weeks. If every mile was a Christmas cookie…I’m definitely coming up short. I’ll own up to it. I ate many of these cookies. And I liked it. I liked it A LOT.


I also managed to find the highly coveted blonde roast holiday blonde at Starbucks. This blue bag of amazingness is IMPOSSIBLE to find and I just so happened to come across a bag. Merry Christmas to me!!


This Christmas was both really hard and really special this year. It was hard because Christmas was celebrated for the first time without my cousin and really special because it’s his passing that made everyone really appreciate the holidays and spending them with family. I’m always so bummed when the holiday season is over. I never get enough time with my extended family. I think with 2016 coming around the corner, that needs to change.

I also love watching my fam open up their gifts that I got them too though. We spent Christmas Eve with his side of the family and Christmas Day with my family. My hubs and family definitely get me too. I scored some gift cards to feed my Starbucks and reading addictions, wireless powerbeats and an amazing pair of InkNBurn running tights. Oh and ummm Vegas 2016 hellloooo!


The wireless powerbeats are also going to be SO amazing on my runs and working out. The sound quality is amazing and I can say goodbye to wires smacking me in the face!


Oh and let’s not forget about how my hubs got me the single best Christmas sweater EVER.



These gifts had me BEGGING to go out for another run asap. But not before more Christmas celebrating with my side of the fam. By the time we were done, we were exhausted, full of wine and too much food.


However before I got to enjoy my new running tights…at approximately 4 a.m. the following morning…my body decided to come down with the stomach flu. I guess my body just decided to get rid of all the extra calories I consumed over the holidays all at once. Thanks? Yeesh. At least it waited until after the holidays. Now this whole fiasco will just give me an excuse to enjoy the Christmas tree for that much longer. 😀


I hope everyone else had a fabulous holiday!


Racing Chicago

Racing Chicago

This weekend was an epic weekend of awesomeness that was full of meeting up with thousands of fellow runners for the Chicago Half Marathon. While I have quite a few half marathons and long distance runs under my belt thanks to marathon training, the anxiety was building just realizing that the next time I will be running a race in this city…it will be for the FULL Chicago Marathon. EEK. Shit just got real guys. This was my fav running buddy’s first half marathon so we prepped accordingly.

The first thing in order was packet pick-up at the epic expo they had. It was swag galore and one can never have enough swag. We got mugs, tech shirts, free samples etc. It’s the best way to get the hype built up until race day.


After we snagged our stuff and scoped out all of the different sponsors and vendors there, we carb-loaded. Obviously. We went to Noodles & Co. for some penne pasta with chicken and feta. I shoveled it all into my mouth. #noregrets.


Once we filled our stomachs with all the yummy things, we snagged ourselves some lattes, headed home and started to wind down so we could actually have a chance at getting up at the ass-crack of dawn. Seriously, the things runners go through….Netflix, lattes and tea in our badass mugs happened.

FullSizeRender (6)

Once it hit our bedtime…we had to set our alarms so we’d be out of the door by 3:30am…yes you ready that right…being a runner pretty much forces you to become a morning person. We were up and munching on energy chews right when people our age are just getting home from bars. #runnerlife


Unfortunately we were split up when we had to get into our corrals, but we were both pumped to finish this race so we could get that bling and umm…nap. Over 13,000 runners united for this run and it was awesome. One thing I have to say though was that the volunteers and spectators cheering us all on throughout the WHOLE course were the best. I loved reading all of the signs and hearing all of the cheering. I even stopped my playlist for a bit so I could get amped up just by their support alone! Some of my favorite signs were as follows:

  • Run faster, I just farted.
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, you’re a 13.1
  • Touch here to Power up (points to a shirtless photo of Adam Levine)
  • Run faster so the zombies won’t catch you!

I happened to be right in front of a lot of the photographers too throughout the course so I can’t wait to look at those disaster photos. Especially at mile 12. I lose all realization as to what kind of facial expressions I’m making by then. I haven’t even attempted to look at the photos from the CARA 20-Miler from last week. Because why? I’m sure I look like Courtney Love on her worst day, although at mile 18 I could only wish for an excessive amount of drugs to numb the soreness in the lower half of my body.

Once I hit the finish line though, it was a MADHO– USE. There were so many people finishing at the same time, the only way to know where to pick up your medal was to listen to the huge things clink and clank together. It was all so worth it though. Ignite the runner’s high.


FullSizeRender (7)

I was bummed that I couldn’t see my friend finish since it was just so crowded, but once she did, I was SO proud of her. Finishing your first half marathon is no joke. However, the size of these medals definitely was.


Once we separated ways, I couldn’t wait to shower and relax for the rest of the day….even though I kept on thinking about how the marathon was so close and analyzing what or how I should change my routine for marathon day. I PRed for this race which was way faster than my goal pace for the marathon. I need to add on at least another minute and a half to my time so I conserve enough energy for the marathon. It’s pretty much the hardest thing for me.

My mom like I’ve said before is one of my biggest cheerleaders and got me this awesome medal rack. Once I got it home I couldn’t wait to hang it up in my office.

FullSizeRender (8)

This week will be the very last full week until marathon week and I’m sure everyone around me wants to strangle me talking about it so much.  What if i injure myself just halfway into the race? What if I miss my alarm? What if I eat something bad the night before? What if I forget to pack something? What if my playlist is just all off? What if I die?

I know this is highly unlikely, but hey I love to be dramatic in times like these. I officially got my participant packet/ticket in the mail…it’s go time. No turning back. My fundraiser goal is just about met and I’m tapering like a pro….it’s happening.IMG_2464




Five Friday Favorites! #LoveIt

Five Friday Favorites! #LoveIt

It’s been quite some time since I linked up for a Friday Favorites post! I of course will blame it all on marathon training and pile on the excuses from there. Because well…I just can’t pry myself away from a bowl of pasta long enough to hammer out more blog updates. But let’s carry on shall we?!

::1:: Fabletics

I’m sure I’ve posted about Fabletics before when they first made their debut, but I seriously can’t go on enough about their awesome VIP pricing and quality of active wear. Because really? I don’t have time or the funds for ONE pair of $90 running tights.


I recently got to try out some of their sports bras and I LOVE how they have a back enclosure so it’s not impossible to get off post-17 mile run. (FYI getting off a sweat-soaked sports bra should be considered an Olympic sport…if that image is too graphic for you…#sorrynotsorry.)



::2:: Zulily

I’ve recently paid more attention to Zulily thanks to my sis. I swear that website makes it impossible for you to be willing to spend full price on ANYTHING going forward. It’s awesome. I had a gift card to spend on there and within the past two days they had events for Brooks AND Lorna Jane! That kind of apparel can set you back hundreds of dollars and this girl scored some awesome fall running apparel for the price of one top.

Had to snag these Lorna Jane color block tights…because obviously.



This Brooks tech hoodie will ensure that I won’t become roadkill. I’ll be a tall, running highlighter.


Their customer service is also amaze-balls and over-the-moon nice and courteous which is enough to keep me coming back. Even better, if you see something else that you must have and you already placed your purchase, you’ll only be charged for shipping ONCE. We all know how much I loathe shipping prices so this is a major win in my book.

::3:: Race Swag

But seriously, any runner will tell you that before they sign up for a race, they’ll verify that they get awesome swag. I seriously just signed up for a half marathon because why not get a medal when I’m supposed to run that distance for marathon training anyway? Win/win. Race photos…not so much. Do I want a photo of myself at mile 12? Probably not. I’ll most likely look like I’m dying and end up terrified at the realization of how I look while running. It’s not pretty 80% of the time. I need to be more aware of my face as I run…come marathon day I don’t want to mirror some half-living creature as I reach the finish. I also achieved blue status on my Nike Running app and clocked in over 120 miles for this month. I’m not crazy I’m just training for a marathon…oh wait…


::4:: Brooks

Oh how I love Brooks shoes. They’ve been good to me throughout my marathon training and was SO excited to see a second pair of my Glycerin 12s on super sale since the latest model just came out. Brooks isn’t the best when it comes to color choices so I was super stoked when my size was still in stock in another color option that I fell in love with…because that is just as important as its functionality right?…Better cross that finish line in style…and in one piece. I broke them in one morning and had a lovely view!


::5:: Fall Days

Oh yes I had to close with this one! For the past few nights, my runs have been ever so amazing with this fall preview weather. The overcast, slightly windy weather is making me very hopeful for race day in October. It’s such a crap-shoot when it comes to that month in Chicago. I’ve had enough of these hot, sweaty days. Marathon training is hard enough without the sun searing into my skull. I even found out that Dunkin’ Donuts was flying under the radar and got their pumpkin coffee back. (Nope, I don’t care if it’s not even October yet.) I wouldn’t give Apollo any. Not a single drop. Don’t worry everyone, he survived. #dramacat.


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