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Just Do It.

Just Do It.

No, I’m not talking about Nike. So many times, we talk and talk and talk about what we’re going to do, what we want to do, yet we stay in the same place. Because well…we’re either lazy or just complacent. For me, other things just get in the way of my goals and I lose sight of my priorities. HELLO this needs to stop. After my annual review at work (which went amazingly well) it really turns on that light of self-reflection. What do I really want? What am I really working toward? Where do I want to be in five years personally and professionally? Do I really want to binge on Netflix and drink that fourth glass of wine? All important questions. It might also have to do with the fact that I’m approaching 30. (Inhale….exhale….).


So far, 2017 is going pretty well. (Knock on every piece of wood). We’re only a few months in, but I’ve had quite a few accomplishments:

  • I made the conscious decision to not register for as many races this year. Not because I don’t love running anymore (let’s not get crazy) but really, it’s insane how much I’ve spent on race registrations. Even more importantly, I wanted to stop training so much. I want to get up and say “hey yeah let’s run 4 miles today” or “hmmm I really want to run 8 today since it’s so damn nice out.” Abiding by a training schedule is just really damn annoying sometimes. It’s about time I start running for me again and not for a T-shirt and bling. Did I just say that? Don’t tell anyone…
  • I’ve been getting great feedback from the big bosses at work. My job continues to challenge me and push my limits and that’s what really makes me thrive. I love it there and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Sometimes I feel like I might have a mental break because of everything I’m working on, but…whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? Haha.
  • Cutting carbs. Yes, this is an accomplishment. I’ve been avoiding bread, rice, pasta like the plague. Does this mean I don’t want to constantly go to my local bakery and stuff a giant loaf of french bread in my face? Absolutely not. And celebrating birthdays make it especially difficult. Can I get a high-five for only taking a bite out of this red velvet cupcake and not devouring the whole thing?

  • I’ve been more aware of my needs over my wants. This has to do with a lot including everything from my diet to avoiding overspending on things. And HOLLLLAAAA for finishing paying off medical bills from before you had awesome health insurance! #adultingproblems.
  • It’s a work in progress, but I’ve downsized my closet. Of course the hubs doesn’t notice since he’s always only had just a sliver of our huge walk-in closet….BUT there’s progress. I’ve reinstated rules like if I haven’t worn something in over a year, it gets donated or if I bring in a new piece of clothing, that means something else needs to move on out! The struggle is real. I feel like a hoarder when it comes to clothes. Someone please help. I have more sports bras than Serena Williams.

This weekend was prime outdoorsy weather though. This girl is ready for SPRING. Bring it!! On Saturday I went to my favorite boxing class and Sunday morning was spent running around the neighborhood and racking up those miles. It felt amaze-balls. However, what did not feel so amaze-balls was how it went from coldgear weather to tank weather by the time I ended my run. #runnerproblems.

Other exciting things that happened include me needing new glasses because…well when you get old, you slowly go blind. I of course took a million years picking out the perfect frames. I knew that I wanted to go bold and yet that didn’t seem to trim down the selection by too much. One of the receptionists there was a huge help and I walked away with some new frames whenever I want to opt out of wearing contacts.  I ended up with these Coach frames:

Now that we’ve established that I should never quit my day job and become a model, let’s move on to some goals. I’ve started to write up some ideas for what might be a series of short stories or a book. I’ve gotten the little push/motivation I need to start and I’m excited. I’ve also decided that whenever I wonder if I’m ready for kids, I should remind myself how I feel going to Costco on a weekend. How’s that for a lane change? But really, Costco turns into a zoo come Saturday/Sunday afternoon. Can’t I just get my army-sized pack of apples and chicken in peace?

Now that I’ve meal prepped for the week, and caught up on some much-needed reading, I’m set to start this week! I’ve been reading The Culture Code: An Ingenious Way to Understand Why People Around the World Live and Buy as They Do. I’m pretty excited to dive even deeper into this book. A review will come soon enough!

As for Sunday night…well…this is as productive as it got.


Cheers to a new week!

Thoughts You Have While Doing Insanity

Thoughts You Have While Doing Insanity

I know a lot of you have probably either tried Insanity out or another workout series by Shaun T…either way, there are of course some thoughts floating around in your head before, during and after said workout. You know you are about to get your ass kicked…and your head is all about convincing you NOT to assault your body with suicide jumps, walking push-ups etc… the struggle.


*You know you want to binge-watch House of Cards, Law & Order or Parks & Recreation….the options are endless and you can do that WHILE stuffing your face with pita chips and hummus. Yes. Let’s do that.

*Remember the last time you did an Insanity workout? Your muscles were sore, tired and I’m pretty sure you almost threw up. Don’t do that again. Take a nap.

*You know it wouldn’t hurt skipping one day, I mean you STILL feel yesterday’s workout right? So really, you’re still getting the benefits of a workout. Problem solved.

*Get the fuck up and do your workout! NO EXC– USES.


* Shit, this is the WARM-UP? I thought we were done…


*I don’t even know why I bothered putting on clothes for this.

* I feel like I lost more than half of my body weight just by sweating profusely.


*Ow my glutes.

*This Tania chick needs to just stop with these ridic facial expressions.


*No…Shaun T…I will not “contract my core” any longer. I’m dying. Can’t you see?


*I will punch you in your 12-pack abs Shaun T.

*Sings Blondie’s “I Will Survive” while intermittently screaming at Shaun T through the TV.

*OMG the cool down phase….I’ve made it…hallelujah.



* Badass status

*Pretty sure I just lost 5-10lbs of water weight sweating for an hour.

*Shit I have to do this again tomorrow.

I must say that I’m already seeing progress though when it comes to how long I’m lasting in good form with these crazy sets and my flexibility is improving. Luigi just watches on like I’m 50 shades of cray in between naps…


Insanity not only challenges your body to push its limits, but your mind as well. If you stay focused on why the hell you’re doing this to yourself, you’ll find that you can push yourself a little harder, a little further….and a little longer. Sometimes my mind needs more conditioning than my bod! How about you?